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“I feel that my greatest strengths are firstly my strong commitment to providing a professional service to all colleagues with whom I work. Secondly my skill at developing and maintaining a close working relationship with every client, something which in turn helps me to gain an in-depth understanding of their individual needs. Thirdly my real passion for videography and photography industry as a whole, an obsession which allows me to spot trends & develop best practice processes.”
John Frett


A results driven, highly creative and skilled Videographer/Photographer with vast experience in all video production aspects. Extremely attentive to audio and video details. Very proficient in computerized video and non-linear editing systems, including digital video mixer, Videodiscs digital edit controller and title generator. Ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects with great professionalism. Having high level of experience in directing video equipment such as Canon C100, 1DX, 5D, 6D, lighting equipment and stabilizers. Intimately familiar taking high quality digital photographs, including framing, selecting and setting up lighting, and determining advanced shutter and lens options. Prioritizes communication on the job to avoid errors. With the knowledge of inserting graphics in video productions, editing video material, handling video equipment maintenance and delivering the final product, I am currently looking for a new and challenging position, one which will make best use of my existing skills and experience and also further my personal and professional development.



• Communicating design visions and rationale clearly to clients and design teams.
• Ability to work with other project managers and teams of creative designers.
• Managing and directing video shoots on time and to budget.
• Versatile in different kinds of shots, including documentaries, music videos etc.
• Experience in handling different types of professional level equipment.
• Develop and frame creative concepts according to creative brief requirements.
• Developing excellence through innovative & creative concepts across all media.
• Comfortable to make quick decisions and multitask while shooting under pressure.
• Responsible for ensuring the photo unit runs efficiently, managing workload to staff.
• Collaborates closely with Graphics design and Marketing teams
• Create and design marketing and promotional web banners or print for websites.
• Communicate effectively with clients at all times to guarantee satisfaction.
• Direct photographer’s assistants to complete administrative duties & provide assistance.

EducationELECTRICAL ENGINEER - 1992 - 2012

• Experienced in action, still life, black and white and color photography.
• Understanding of conventional and digital photography.
• Technically and fundamentally competent in Digital Photography.
• Experienced with advance photography software.
• Understands color, balance, lines, texture, and use of space.
• Good eye for texture, space, design, and color balance.
• Well-versed in still, motion, color, and black and white photography.
• Experience with digital photography & computer-aided photographic software.

• Outstanding grasp of video editing tools and equipment maintenance
• Ability to prioritize & juggle multiple projects within tight deadlines
• In-depth knowledge of all aspects of video production
• Well versed in the latest video editing software and systems
• Strong conceptual thinking - both visual and interactive.
• Proficient in Computerized and Linear video editing systems
• Ability to clearly visualize scripts as they are narrated by script writers
• Capable of developing and communicating industry-leading creative concepts


Video technical infrastructure
Video related technologies
Audiovisual Communications
Video quality standards
Research & Development
Video compression
Digital video processing
Video and photo editing
Feature development
Video and graphic effects
Graphic technology
Banner advertisements
Digital photography
Advertising campaigns
Delegating responsibility
Combining videos
Communications Technology
Documentary Production
Performance improvement
Cinematography/video production

Hardware ProficiencyCanon L lens Fast Primes 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, Zoom 35-350mm

BlackMagic 6K
Canon Mark 4
DJI Ronin, Mavic,
Software ProficiencyAdobe Premiere pro, After Effects, Photoshop

Davinci Resolve

Cinema 4d, Blender

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9715 Estate Thomas 90 - St. Thomas, VI - 00802 - Virgin Islands

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