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Film Production

Morocco, Rabat - 1000 - Morocco

Experience KS Films is a Moroccan production company specialized in line production and production services for all sorts of
media and film projects.

We offer a wide range of services to companies and professionals in the film and audiovisual industry.

Education Shooting permit is required to film in Morocco. KS Films will speed up the process with its excellent relations with
the local officials.
Speciality We make films, with recognized expertise in cinema and television.

We do TV shows, commercials, music videos, news and documentaries.
Hardware Proficiency
KS Films is one of the rare film production service companies in Morocco to have successfully and economically
combined the services of the Moroccan military in feature films and commercials. KS Films has participated in
many large-scale projects of a military nature, ensuring the necessary assistance and liaison with the military
authorities thanks to our vast experience.

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Morocco, Rabat - 1000 - Morocco

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