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Audio Post Production

124 Hollow Wood Lane - Greenwich, Connecticut - 06831 - United States

Alcove Audio Productions provides the following audio post production services to the indie film community:

Preproduction Consultation

Sound Design

Dialog Editing

Production Sound Clean-up

ADR ( Automated Dialog Replacement)


Sound Effects Editing and Creation

Music Editing


ExperienceRecent credits:

Johnny Montana (2006) Feature - Directed by John Gavin
Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixer
Honoree of Soundpost Award, Best Production Award, Best Feature Award
2006 Moondance International Film Festival

Silver Spotlight Award, Best Debut Feature, 2006 Australian International Film Festival

2006 San Francisco International, 2006 Newport Beach International, 2006 Palm Beach International,
2006 Queens International and 2006 Bahamas International Film Festivals

Magical Do-Re-Mi (UnCredited) (2005) Aired Saturdays on FOX Saturdays
Network Cartoon - 4Kids
Sound FX, Ambiences

Moonshine (2005) Feature - Directed by Roger Ingraham
Audio Post
2006 Sundance Film Festival

Creating Karma (2005) Feature - Directed by Jill Wisoff
Audio Post, Re-Recording Mixer

Best Feature Award 2008 Broad Humor Film Festival

2006 Coney Island Film Festival
2007 Portobello Film Festival, London, UK
2007 Gem City Film Festival
2008 Tomi Film Festival
2008 Broad Humor Film Festival, Los Angeles

11 (Eleven) (2006) Feature - Directed by Neil McCay
Pre-Production Consultant, Sound Design, Associate Editor, Re-Recording Mixer

Hard Attack (2005) Short - Directed by Derek Seig
Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixer
2006 Sundance Film Festival

Baptism by Food (2004) Short - Directed by Dianne Longo
Pre-Production Consultant, Production Sound, Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixer
First Runner Up in Genre (comedy) at the 2004 NYC Midnite Madness Film Competition
Also won for: Best Leading Actress
Best Editing
Best Original Music Score

Tick-Tock (2008) Short
EducationFuture Media Concepts advanced Pro Tools program.
SpecialityAlcove Audio Productions specializes in audio post services for the indie film industry.
Hardware ProficiencyMixing:
Digidesign DIGI002

Video Monitoring:
Canopus ADVC-100 Video Interface
Sanyo 27' Monitor (Control Room)
Panasonic 19ā€ Monitor (Studio)

Audio Monitoring:
Mackie HR824 speakers w/ Mackie HRS120 sub (THX approved)
Crown Power Amplifier
Tannoy PBM-8 Speakers
Mackie 'Big Knob' Monitoring/Speaker Distribution System
Symetrix Headphone Amp
AKG K240M Headphones

Neumann TLM 103
AKG C-1000S
EV RE-200
EV N/D257A
Beyer TG-X50,
Sennheiser MKH-40
Audio Technica ATM-41
Audio Technica AT822
Shure SM58

Outboard Processing and Mic Pres:
Focusrite Voicemaster Pro
Symetrix 528
Symetrix 501
Dbx 166
Software ProficiencyPro Tools 6.9 LE w/ lots of plug-ins
MOTU Digital Performer 4.12 w/ lots of plug-ins

Plug-Ins include:
Audio Ease Altiverb
Serato Pitch ā€˜nā€™ Time

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124 Hollow Wood Lane - Greenwich, Connecticut - 06831 - United States

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