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ExperienceI'm a Hungarian music composer who seeks opportunity to socre music for various projects (feature films, short films, animations, games, trailers, documentaries, etc.) no matter the budget of the project.

I score my music with the computer but I can simulate the power of a whole symphonic orchestra yet i have the flexibility to mix it with electronical sounds or other instruments or with realistic choirs.

My strenghts are epic, heroic, uplifting, sad, dark and dinamic tunes that can be perfect for movies, films in the genre like adventure, action, sfi-fi, fantasy, drama, horror, thriller but I'm sure that I could score beautifull music under a romantic or family movie too. And of course I'm not afraid to test myself in other genres.

Short Discography:
- Darkfall promotional video (trailer)
- Smosh - Anthony gets a haircut (short movie, comedy
- Watched (teaser trailer, horror)
- Bad Date (short movie, suspense/thriller)

- Cyborg rebellion (fanfic trailer)
- Total solar eclipse august 1st 2008 (video montage)
- Placed 3rd on a local competition �" composing anthem for a sport event of the University of Pannonia
- Participated in the developement of the MMORPG „The Universe of Cinesra”

- Without memories (Syntax Films Entertainment) movie, Genre: crime, drama, thriller.)
- Liaison (unofficial english title) (Syntax Films Entertainment) (short movie. Genre: drama.)
- Bamako rallye (HunVision Studios; website: (Documentary)
- Wrong Choice (unofficial english title) (Syntax Films Entertainment) (short movie. Genre: thriller, crime)
- Chromium (created by Mark P. Lunney) (Flash-game; used song: „The End Is Near”)
- Several song’s exclusive right was sold to Shadowfever Films (
- Timeworn - An Uncharted 2 Machinima - Trailer
- Illusion (Syntax Films Entertainment) (short movie, in production. Genre: psycho-thriller)
- The Human refinement (Machinima web series.)
- Witch Hunt (Ramsaur Films)
(Harry Potter fan film �" composed original teaser and theatrical trailer.)

For my detailed discography, recent projects and latest songs visit my soundclick page:
Education7 years of practical experience: scoring promotional videos, score for short movies, for feature films, for documentaries, trailers etc.
Specialityepic, uplifting, action driven, fast paced, heroic scores but has lot of experience in dark, tension giving horror/thriller music, but also good at composing trailer songs

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Submitted by on Nov 10, 2009
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