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ExperienceAbout Hank and Jilann and their company, Philomath Films:
Hank and Jilann have been making films together since they met at Dartmouth College in 1985. Their passion is documentary filmmaking with compelling characters and strong storylines. They translate this documentary spirit into all that they do, including multi-media, fiction and commercial projects. Their company, Philomath Films, offers up projects that stretch the mind, entertain the spirit and reach straight for the heart. Their latest documentary feature, SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS, gives us a unflinching gaze into the dark areas of the human psyche, showing us that there is always the possibility of change. Philomath Films productions have won dozens of awards including Audience Award at AFI Fest, Best of Show at BendFilm, and many Best Documentary Awards. Their work has debuted festivals such as Sundance, SXSW, and Edinburgh, and has been broadcast around the world. They are three time recipients of ITVS funding and two time recipients of Sundance Institute funding.

Hank Rogerson is a Producer, Director, Writer, actor and teacher who works both in documentary and fiction film. Hank directed SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS, which picked up 11 awards on the festival circuit, was broadcast world-wide and had a theatrical run of over 25 U.S. cities. Hank also co-produced, directed and edited HOMELAND , an award-winning documentary about four families on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, as well as CIRCLE OF STORIES , a cutting edge multi-media project that brings to life the vibrant art of Native American storytelling at Hank has freelanced as a writer, director and producer within the film industry, and has twice been a Sundance Institute Fellow. His freelance work includes producing, directing and writing 2 seasons of MEDICAL DIARY for the Discovery Health Channel. He currently teaches filmmaking at The College of Santa Fe, and has also taught film production at University of Southern California. As an actor, Hank has performed in film, television and theater and improv. You can see him most recently on the USA Network series, IN PLAIN SIGHT and the Starz series, CRASH.

Jilann Spitzmiller is a Documentary Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer and teacher whose award-winning work has been shown around the globe. She most recently won a Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism for her work in the POV PBS documentary, CRITICAL CONDITION, which she co-produced and co-directed. She produced the award-winning SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS and co-directed, produced and edited HOMELAND which aired on National PBS in 2000. Jilann has freelanced extensively in the documentary field, directing, writing and shooting two seasons of the documentary series MEDICAL DIARY and producing, writing and directing for the NBC documentary series LIFE MOMENTS. Other credits include A&E, Bravo and VH1. Her work for the Indigo Girls is included in WATERSHED, a one-hour biographical video released by Sony Music. Jilann teaches filmmaking and documentary classes in California, New Mexico and Italy.

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Our first guest was Caroline Libresco, Senior Programmer of the Sundance Film Festival. Caroline revealed tips on getting into this prestigious, career-changing venue.

Our second guest was Carole Dean, founder of the Roy W. Dean Film and Writing Grants, and the call was truly a treasure trove of fundraising information.

Join us on November 12th, as we talk to world-renowned entertainment lawyer, Michael Donaldson. A true champion for indie and documentary filmmakers! We'll discuss the latest in Fair Use and how it affects documentary filmmakers everywhere.

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DocuMentors Private Coaching:
Unsurpassed, laser-focused, one-on-one documentary coaching with Hank and Jilann. Available now for any stage of the documentary filmmaking process. Contact us via email to get started today.
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