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Stuart Ferreyra (TIMECODE POST) Color Correction and Grading

Stuart Ferreyra (TIMECODE POST) Color Correction and Grading

Color Correction and Grading

12340 Santa Monica Blvd. - Los Angeles, California - 90025 - United States

ExperienceStuart Ferreyra (TIMECODE POST) is a post-production studio with offices in Santa Monica. We are a modern facility offering services to clients in television, advertising, digital content and film making.
EducationWe have delivered award wining independent films to all film festivals and episodic programming to every major network and streaming service. We also provide 4K mastering, 4K finishing, 4K deliverables and 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing for films, television and advertising content.
Our editing suites include Avid Ultimate, Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve Studio. They also feature professional peripherals from Sony, Panasonic, . All edit suites provide a native workflow for all current formats such as native Red, Arri, DNxHD, ProRes, XDCam, HDSR, DSLR or AVCHD.

We provide professional color grading services integrated with professional control panels, storage servers and critical-viewing color monitors. Our DaVinci Resolve services are perfect for the detail-oriented client.

We have delivered thousands of hours of programming for US domestic and international markets. We understand technical specs from around the world and can advice ahead of time to avoid costly fixes. A
Hardware Proficiency- 4K Professional Color Grading.
- 4K Professional Editing / Online & Finishing Suites.
- 4K High-End Color Grading Monitors.
- Teranex Up, Down and Cross Conversions.
- Legacy Mastering to Digibeta, HDV, HDCam, DVCPro HD and HDCam SR decks.

Software Proficiency- Avid Ultimate
- Adobe Premiere
- DaVinci Resolve Studio
- ProTools HD

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12340 Santa Monica Blvd. - Los Angeles, California - 90025 - United States

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