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ExperienceRaffertyWeiss Media is a creative film, radio, and video production company located in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. We offer a wide range of video production services such as national and regional commercials, public service announcements, short and long form spots, non-profit fundraising and awareness films, corporate marketing and educational videos, as well as federal government training and informational videos. We are known as a high quality video production company, and throughout our 20 years of operation, have had hundreds of award-winning professional video productions. We consider two decades of experience long enough to give us a solid background in our industry, yet not so long that we are set in our ways.

Our company excels in the art of communication; combining imagination and technical expertise to create informational media with powerful messages. While we are a video production service known for our creativity, exacting production standards, and high impact media campaigns, we never lose sight of the most important element of professional video production -- meeting the needs and criteria of our clients. No matter how well a project is conceived stylistically, the message needs to be on point and capture the attention of the target audience. Therefore, the goal of our video production company is to create a clear and engaging message that establishes a strong emotional connection between our clients and target audience on every project. Our past professional video productions demonstrate that we know how to develop films, videos, and flash presentations that combine effective information with persuasive visuals.

Our video production company recognizes that no two productions are the same, and that the creative and technical requirements of each project require the creation of unique production teams. With that in mind, our video production service has established working relationships with subcontractors who are known as some of the best talent in our business field. We match the best people and technologies to your specific video production service. Clients benefit by having a unique and reliable professional video production team working on their project in the most cost efficient way.
EducationPatrick has over 17 years of experience as a producer and director of TV spots, corporate image films and marketing videos.

He has directed what you might call an intriguing mix of public figures and celebrities, including Bill Gates, John Glenn, C. Everett Koop, Val Kilmer, Joe Gibbs, Wyclef Jean, Ross Perot, Elizabeth Dole, Bob Dole, Rosalyn Carter, Barbara Bush, and Hillary Clinton.

Patrick earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Drexel University where he also played collegiate basketball. He is a native Washingtonian and has been a featured speaker in undergraduate and graduate media production courses.
SpecialityTV PSAs, Issue Ads, Corporate Image/Training and Marketing Videos.

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8555 16th Street, Suite 204 - Silver Spring, Maryland - 20910 - United States

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