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MultiMedia Dimensions, LLC Full Service Video Production

MultiMedia Dimensions, LLC Full Service Video Production

Full Service Video Production

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320 Lakehurst Road - Toms River, New Jersey - 08526 - United States

ExperienceMultiMedia Dimensions has worked with a variety of different Fortune rated corporate clients producing commercials, training and marketing videos. Here are a few.

University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ - American Academy of Continuing Medical Education
Bristol Myers Squibb - Novartis - - Proctor & Gamble - Revlon
The Production House - Grubard Marketing - Pfizer - U.S. Postal Service - eTrade - Chembio Diagnostics, Inc.
Investor's Savings Bank - Radiological Society of N.J. -Paralegal Services, USA - Kuppler Technologies, LLC -
For My Fans, LLC
EducationFounded in 1990, MultiMedia Dimensions has been an innovator in the computer and multimedia industry by developing some of the first multimedia solutions on the IBM PC platform. In 1992 we produced and developed the first prototype of a Video Multiple Listing System (VMLS) for the real estate industry.

In 1993 we produced and developed the first Interactive Multimedia presentation for the Federal Information Processing Counsel (FIPCO). We have been delivering quality, cutting-edge video production and multimedia solutions for over two decades.

Over the years MultiMedia Dimensions has established itself as a leader in affordable, top-quality video production and multimedia services.

We make it our business to understand your needs and to produce and deliver on our promises!
SpecialityMultiMedia Dimensions provides a variety of corporate video production and editing services. We use state-of-the-art digital video cameras, professional audio equipment, and use cutting edge digital NLE (Non-Linear Editing) systems (PC and MAC) to produce spectacular videos for our customers.

Well have a network of video professionals who are highly specialized in their given area of production. For each video production project we assemble the best team to get your job done right.

Corporate Production Services

Company's looking to stand out in a competitive market need an edge. Whether you need a video loop for a tradeshow display or want to capture your special corporate events, our creativity and experience will give your production that "outside-the-box" edge that gets noticed and will last.

Corporate Videos - Training Videos are the most cost-effective and time efficient method of communicating new skills for performance improvement across the entire organization. Get the message out to your employees in a consistent, effective manor. Whether your company is updating it's procedures or new employees need to be trained, we'll produce the type of video that is right for your needs. These videos will bring life and clarity to boring, technical training. Training by video can save time, resources, and money. We also produce videos of annual business meetings, seminars, sales presentations, and marketing.

Commercial Videos - From national brand campaigns to local regional and Cable TV sales campaigns
Hardware ProficiencySony BVW 300A with color playback kit
Sony DSR 300 DvCam
Sony PD150 DvCam
2 Sony HV-1U HDV Camcorders

Lowell Soft boxes
Lowell Location Kit
Colortran Location Kit
Lowell Pro lights

Sennheiser & Sony Shotgun Mikes
Samson Wireless Mic
Azden 2 Channel Wireless Mic System

Panasonic Mx20 2 Input S-Video Produciton Switcher

Post Production Facilities
2 Media 100 NLE Edit Systems w/ Boris multi-layering software

1 Final Cut Pro Suite Edit System

3 Adobe CS4 PC editing systems 1 MAC 2 PCs

10 Deck VHS Duplication System
DVD Duplication system
Blu-Ray DVD Master
Foreign Tape Transfers
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Pro Studio, Adobe Premiere CS4 and CS4 Production Premium Suite of applications (Photoshop, After Effects, etc.)

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320 Lakehurst Road - Toms River, New Jersey - 08526 - United States

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