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Jennifer Vaughn Voice Imaging, Inc Voiceover Artists

Jennifer Vaughn Voice Imaging, Inc Voiceover Artists

Voiceover Artists

5101 Pine Island Rd - Bokeelia, Florida - 33922 - United States

Versatile Performer, Reliable, Consistent, and Dependable.

ISDN ready talent.
ExperienceUpdated Dec 2009: (inquire for credits earlier then 2008)
Current Audio Book Narrator & Characterization Role Credits:
Rover Rob's Tales "The Life of a Pirate Dog with Grace O'Malley, the Irish Sea Queen" by Yaelle Byrd, 2009
“Anthologies Series-a collection of short stories, poems, plays and bios” by Sabis, 2009

Adult Audio Books- Diet/Self Help-
“The Skinny Snob” by Dana Moore, 2008

Current Video Game Character Role Credits:
“Autumn’s Treasures” for PC Gamers/PoBros - Role of Autumn (Lead) 2009
Several iPhone Cartoon Applications including Pauline’s animals and GoFerry, 2009
“Born into Darkness” for PC Gamers/PoBros- Role of Amber (Lead) 2009

Current Documentary/Film Narration:
Tony Robbins “Self Help DVD-Couples Relationships” 2008
“Discover the Wild- Nature Series”
EducationMember of:

Extensive skills and training in the performing arts in various levels of education and workshops from middle school through College.
SpecialityExtemely versatile:

Character Actress for Gaming and Animation
Authoritative to Compassionate Narrator for Film, Docmentary and Corporate
Announcer to Role play for Commercial Broadcast VO's
Infomercial Announcer
Signature work for Network Promos and Radio/internet Imaging & Branding
Voice Over for training, elearning and multi character audio books
Hardware Proficiency(TECHNICAL INFORMATION) - Both of Jennifer's studios are completely packed to the gills with the equipment she trusts and has had most of her experience with and includes: (4) mics- the Neumann U87 (her favorite) the Rhode NT1 & NT2, and the Neumann TLM103. (4) different types of outboard compressors/gates/processors she uses depending on the project she is working on. Some are strictly for broadcast projects and others are for non-broadcast or characterizations. (Symetrix, FocusRite, TC Gold Channel, & the Distressor), 3 ProTools rigs, one operating on the latest and greatest IMAC Desktop Macintosh in Colorado, the Panther Mac Laptop for portable sessions, and IMAC Desktop-last year’s model in the Florida studio, …with the digi-003 on the stationary rigs and the M-box for the portable rig. Monitors include Roland’s, Mackie’s and Alesis’s. Five pairs of cans are floating around depending on the nature of the project. There’s a Telos phone patch for regular telephony patches and a Telos Zephyr for ISDN sessions. The boards in the studios include one SoundCraft, one Allen & Heath (the Brits know that one), and 1 Mackie. She uses only the best Mogami cabling, not to mention all of the gear that really doesn’t add to her sound but definitely is required to be a big leaguer. CD burners, archival drives, 2 indexing cd players, 4 amplifiers, backs ups, surge protectors, routers, etc…etc…etc..
Software ProficiencyProficient in ProTools Software for MAC for Recording, Editing and Mixing, along with Time Compression if needed.

I can read the following scripts from the following program extensions:

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5101 Pine Island Rd - Bokeelia, Florida - 33922 - United States

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