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Brainstorm Films 布瑞斯通国际影视文化传播有限公司 Film Production

Brainstorm Films 布瑞斯通国际影视文化传播有限公司 Film Production

Film Production

北京市朝阳区建国路93号院万达广场8号楼2307A - 北京市, 邮编100022 - China

ExperienceBrainstorm films is an international film and television productions company. We have branches around the world: Beijing, hong kong, singapore, new york and london, England.

We are specialised in feature films, Television serial dramas, Documentaries, Commercials and 3d, 2d animation studio in the new york, Usa.

Out clients including many well-known international broadcasters, Companies and distributors, Such as bbc, Discovery uk and usa, Travel channel, Cctv, National geographic usa.

Cloth 'Stone International Film & TV Co., Ltd. is an international-oriented "Shadow," as widely', action "production company, 'they have" branches offices throughout the Yu the world, 'who is headquartered in the United Kingdom's "governance and Communication' Center - London; - Beijing, New York, Hong KongSingapore has established a branch 'office.

Singapore has established a branch 'office.,A major producer 2d, 3d, cgi, sfx action "special effects animation and so on.
Education40 years of "shadow" experience as producer, production, and shoot 'more than 300 movies and television sets, directed drama, opera, large-scale dance (ballet,.Singapore has established a branch 'office..Show hundred months, a variety show dozens.

Involved in directing and producing, getting 'all kinds of style, "dozens of shadow," depending on the Ministry of drama more than 300 sets, was abroad, the Chinese National, and other types of awards more than 30.

Singapore has established a branch 'office.Singapore has established a branch 'office.
Hardware Proficiency35mm, Red one 4k, HD, 3d, 2d, Animation.

Feature films, Tv dramas, Documentaries, Commercials production, And co-production.

Film studio, 35mm, Red one, Sony HD equipments; 10k,5k,2k,800w lighting equipments; Final Cut, AVID editing suite; audio editing suite.

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北京市朝阳区建国路93号院万达广场8号楼2307A - 北京市, 邮编100022 - China

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