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107 Park Place - Falls Church, Virginia - 22046 - United States

Bring your next production to RHED Pixel, where our spacious studio can more than fulfill your production needs. Conveniently located just outside of Washington, DC, our studio is easily accessible and priced affordably. Our approach is that you pay only for what you need with no additional costs associated with most other studios.

We’re proud to offer Reflecmedia chroma key technology, an impressive array of top-notch gear including HD cameras, a professional sound recording booth, custom-built set capabilities, and connectivity to our adjacent green room for multi-cam live switching via our TriCaster.

Before your shoot begins, feel free to use our 12’ x 16’ green room for wardrobe changes, craft services, or just for staging purposes. Also, across from our studio is a kitchenette fully stocked with food and refreshments.

Our studio is convenient and affordable with modern lighting fixtures and abundant free parking. Give us a call and come check it out.
RHED Pixel is a visual communications company dedicated to helping our clients
achieve results. We believe the effective use of communication tools can motivate
an audience and create results that organizations need to remain competitive and
relevant in today’s world.

Communicate - Motivate - Create

The key to succeeding in any business is recruitment and retention. At the heart of this success are effective communication tools that must attract, motivate, and retain both employees and customers. This is where media can be an extremely powerful tool in both bringing in new business and in letting current customers know you want to stay ahead of the competition.

We truly believe that the electronic media tools of today will build the solutions for tomorrow.

At RHED Pixel, we know that the message is crucial. But we also know that the presentation of the message is equally as important. It's like cooking dinner for good friends. No one is going to enjoy the meal or care how much time you spent preparing it if you burn the food, spill the drinks, and forget the dessert. You have to take the time to package and present your good ideas.

As Elmer Wheeler said:
"Don't Sell the Steak. Sell the Sizzle."
EducationPast Projects
Adobe Systems
Air Line Pilots Association
America Online
American Cancer Society
American Chemical Society
American College of Cardiologists
American Diabetes Association
American Heart Association
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
American Red Cross
Amersham Health
Apple Computer
Arena Football League
Atlantic Management Center
Audubon Society
Business Software Alliance
C-4 Events
Capitol Records
Central Intelligence Agency
Children's National Medical Center
CMP Books
Community Health Charities
Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office
Danya International
DC Metro Police
Department of Defense
Department of Homeland Security
Dittus Communications
Fairfax Choral Society
Federal Communications Commission
First Union
Future Media Concepts
GE Healthcare
Grocery Manufacturers Association
Home and Garden Television
Home Promise Corporation
John Deere
KW Computing Group
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
National Association of Broadcasters
National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions
National Association of Home Builders
National Association of Photoshop Professionals
National Credit Union Association
National Science Resources Center
Norwest Banks
OVED Diamond Company
Pioneer Hi-Bred International
Peachpit Press
Pearson Education
Retirement Living TV
Smithsonian Institute
Space Adventures
Sundance Media Group
TCS America
The Magazine Group
United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association
United States Army
United States Army Audit
United States Navy Memorial Foundation
United States Census Bureau
United States Postal Service
US Foods
Verdant Power
Vigilant Services Corporation
SpecialityWe created RHED Pixel as a place where we could explore the art of communication without the boundaries most of our peers face. We set out to make a place that is different than the rest.

Our casual office setting is a relaxing place to step away to; here ideas flow freely and we’re constantly looking to engage the audience with new approaches. We’re also steps ahead of most others when it comes to technology (and the knowledge to use it).

Our team works in all facets of production: from writing a compelling script and bringing out our camera crews, to creating custom motion graphics and putting your finished video on the web for many to enjoy.

We truly believe in the power of visual communications and we scale our tools and technology to meet each project’s goals within budget, scope, and schedule. We have produced national television commercials that were shot on film and aired extensively. Yet, we have also helped nonprofit organizations design small outreach programs that engage a targeted audience.

Thanks for looking us up. We hope you find our website helpful in your search for a production partner. If there is a question you need answered, or you just want to talk to a real person, feel free to contact us.
Hardware ProficiencyPodcasting & Webcasting
DSLR Video
Green Screen
Full Service Studio
Software ProficiencyApple

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107 Park Place - Falls Church, Virginia - 22046 - United States

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