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Brooklyn, New York - United States

ExperienceI'm a New York based director of photography with seven years of industry experience, specializing in digital cinema technology. With an industry background as both a lighting technician and camera assistant, I bring a well-rounded approach to the shaping of light and shadow. I studied art and film theory at Vassar College and have developed extensive technical knowledge by working my way up in an array of industry sub-sectors: documentary and commercial shoots, reality television and feature films, corporate and music videos, fashion and EPKs. I am as comfortable directing grips and electrics with 20Ks and 12x frames in a studio as I am in fast-paced, run-and-gun scenarios on the streets of New York. I think you'll find my lighting style and camera technique to be quite versatile.

EducationI currently own two complete Red Camera packages outfitted with top of the line accessories; one is customized for studio and larger location shoots, while the other is tailored for faster paced productions. In addition, I have a fully equipped Canon 5D MK II kit, perfect for smaller productions and travel, with handheld support, tripod, prime lenses, field monitor, a lightweight camera slider and sync sound acquisition capabilities; this is a uniquely professional 5D kit. I also have access to a Sony EX3 and Letus lens adapter package, as well as many additional accessories through my rental company Smash! Camera. I constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cinema technology.
SpecialityDigital Cinema Technology

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Submitted by on Feb 1, 2010
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Brooklyn, New York - United States

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