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216 Green Bay Road - Thiensville, Wisconsin - 53092 - United States

Experience12 years marketing communications and public relations - heavy emphasis on video for marketing, pr, internal communications - writing- pro voice over work for all types of production, advertising
Education25 years broadcast journalism and television production, media training
SpecialityMarketing and PR related video production, plus production of the usual marketing communications tools

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Submitted by on Nov 23, 2008
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216 Green Bay Road - Thiensville, Wisconsin - 53092 - United States

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Re: The Dean Group
by Dennis Dean
Hi Mahesh - Can't tell you as I have not used either. I look at cameras first in terms of which cameras are a hardware fit for my work and workflow, then how do the camera images and performance hold up - then I make a purchase.

I have used the HVR ZY7. It's an excellent camera but I've had work flow issues with it. Given, it was a rental camera and I may not have been as familiar with it as I should have been. BUT - it's a very good camera and very similar to the 5. You might read:

I'd work with someone like B&H that offers a robust return policy if you test - test not have a full shooting day - with the camera and find it's not quite to your liking.



Dennis Dean
The Dean Group
-It's about results-
Re: The Dean Group
by mahesh dood
i wanted to ask you how would you compare the HXR-NX5P NXCAM with sony hvrz5p? the specs, cost, pefomance? which one would be worth investing on?

i work with Final cut pro 7 it is important for me to know how do they perform with fcp7? which one works better?

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