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1916 Old Cuthbert Road Suite A6 - Cherry Hill, New Jersey - 08034 - United States

Veteran New York Sound Designer and Editor Mark Schultz, and Jeff Gordon, Philadelphia's most sought-after Pro Tools Mixer and Sound Designer, are Senior Mixers. Dan La Porta kicks butt in Room C. Raul Cevallos is assistant. We speak Spanish.
ExperienceAfter ten years as Senior Mixer at three of New York's elite post production studios (Mixed Nuts, Lower East Side Audio, Sound Lounge Hudson), Mark Schultz established Suite Spot Studios within a fifteen minute drive from center city Philadelphia. Schultz has mixed national television and radio commercials for every major agency and client imaginable. He has mixed long form comedy, variety and drama for networks and cable. Do you love your 90's Nickelodeon shows? Schultz was the Senior Sound Designer at Nickelodeon from 1988-1996. Prior to that he recorded actual vinyl records on 2" tape through analog boards. Since 2001 Schultz has also been editing on Final Cut Pro and After Effects. His most recent projects have been for Sesame Workshop, Travel Channel, and Golf Channel. Schultz and his long-time songwriting partner Dan Vitco formed Funalypso Records ( in 2009.
EducationBA, Graphic Design, Penn State 1978. MA, Communications, Temple 1983. Working professionally since 1983.
SpecialityMusic for children's television. Laugh tracks. Sound Effects. Music Mastering. Post Production Audio. Final Cut Pro editing. 5.1 surround mixing and Dolby E encoding. ISDN serving Philadelphia and southern New Jersey.
Hardware ProficiencySuite Spot has unbelievable hardware: Bryston SST amplifiers for 5.1, David Wenger near fields, Crane Song Avocet, API 2500 (not the plug-in), Millennia STT-1, Millennia HV3C, 4 channels John Hardy 990 Twin Servo, Electronaut M63, dbx 786, Atlas Juggernaut, API 527, (2) Retro Instruments DoubleWides, Retro Instruments 176, Mohog MoFET76, and Neumann tube and FET condenser mics. All that for Voice Over. Yessss it is overkill.
Software ProficiencyLexicon Reverbs, SPL Vitalizer and Transient Designer, AudioEase Speakerphone 2, Abbey Road EQ, full suite of Sony Oxford dynamics and Reverb, SSL plug ins, all API, Massey, The Glue, Fab Filter, Autotune, Z-noise, WAVES, Roger Nichols, AudioLeak, on and on and on and on. Pro Tools 10 HD in three rooms.

FCP, AE, PS, Mocha, AI, Compressor, DVD SP.

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1916 Old Cuthbert Road Suite A6 - Cherry Hill, New Jersey - 08034 - United States

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