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3768 Norwood Drive, Suite 201 - Littleton, Colorado - 80125 - United States

We are a top notch, creative, dependable and efficient production company. Our image is to provide network quality services at an affordable price for the client. We accomplish this on time and on budget. Decidedly different than other post-production companies and we are developing and expanding that image through word of mouth, social media, testimonials and advertisements.

Demo Reel:
Snowy Peak Entertainment - Kinetic Text demo
Here's our 2012 kinetic text animation demo. Let us know your thoughts, thanks much!

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ExperienceWith 20+ years in both television production and post-production, we are faster, and significantly less expensive than most production companies because we have the talent without the overhead. We bring a level of personalization to the table when we create a video project. Most production companies have studios and teams that are expensive and translate to the consumer. Since we have connections to extremely talented crews, we can provide the same end products without the extensive costs. Through our connections, we also have access to studio space, on a rented basis, when needed.
EducationB.A. University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

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Submitted by on Apr 11, 2010
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3768 Norwood Drive, Suite 201 - Littleton, Colorado - 80125 - United States

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Re: Snowy Peak Entertainment
by saroj baniya
hi Troy,
Nice to hear from you. yes I do freelancing. I can give you more detail about rate and time if you specify about your requirement. Tell me what kind of modeling are you looking for props, character and do you want raw 3D files of finish out put.
write me
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