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Lighting Cameraman DP

Colorado Springs, Colorado - 80909 - United States

ExperienceSteve Flanigan

Steve is a national award-winning producer/director of photography with decades of experience in feature films, TV documentaries, commercials, multi-cam, long form films and High Definition Productions. His film making trips have taken him to Mexico, Central America, Israel, Egypt, Asia, Europe, Ireland, Ethiopia, Turkey and all over the U.S. He is the co- President of Producers Group Studios.

He is often called on as a Producer/ DP to oversee very difficult crew assignments internationally. He is renowned for his “location books” which isolate and identify minute details at every shooting location including pre schedules, multi-cam team placement, sun positions and shooting logistics.

He is a team player, easily accessible to crew and executives. That is what makes him a natural go-to guy as a technical visual and logistics consultant. His clients rely on his expertise for cost effective production strategy, technical design, visual interpretation, and logistics coordination. As a consultant he has built studios, designed hi-tech and low-tech lighting, created visual styles, designed work flow, matched scenes from previous films, supervised post production, managed crew movement, negotiated international contracts, navigated international relations, and has built a network of working professionals.
EducationUniversity of North Texas
In May of 1999 he was named an outstanding graduate of the University of North Texas State.

In addition to his history as a film producer and well-known Director of Photography, he is a celebrated lecturer at many universities throughout the United States. As a Business Leader, he was a founding member of the MPG in Colorado, was elected in 2003 as the NRCC Businessman of the Year, 2004 to the Business Advisory Council and April 04 as the NRCC Honorary State Chairman. He also serves the community as a youth coach for soccer, basketball, and football teams.
SpecialityProducer local and interenational
Director of Photography Film and HD
Lighting Cameraman Film and HD
Jimmy Jib Owner OP
Lighting Director
Production Logistics

Hardware ProficiencyAll 35
All super 16
All HD formats
Pro 35 specialist
Jimmy Jib Specialist

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Colorado Springs, Colorado - 80909 - United States

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