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Oak Stream Music Musicians


203-1111 Munroe Ave. - Winnipeg, Manitoba - R2K 3Z5 - Canada

Happy OakStream Clients

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“I really appreciated the supportive and professional approach to music production that OakStream offered. They strive for musical excellence and have a friendly family approach to collaboration.”

-Shezza, Award-Winning Recording Artist

“It was a positive experience for me and I plan to continue the relationship. Kirk was easy to work with, relaxed, and drew the best out of me.”

-Vincent Ellin, Solo Bassoonist

"OakStream is not only an excellent local resource, but the finished product exceeded what I had hoped for. Absolutely nothing less than a professional working environment! There was a job to do and it was done well."

-Ralph Zacharias, onxunited

“I am so pleased with all the work OakStream did for our production. From the musical score to sound effects, OakStream really turned our film into a force to be reckoned with."

-Kyle Rudge, Independent Film Producer

"I just wanted to praise you for your terrific work with the SportsArt audio. Your level of professionalism and attention to detail is excellent. I would recommend you for sure and you know that we will be working together again soon."

-Joe Marcoux, President - Just Did It Training and Consulting

"This production was my second opportunity to collaborate with Kirk and it was an even better experience than the previous. He has a creative edge that made his audio selections fun and usable, and his technical expertise eliminated the stress of set-up and technical rehearsals. During the production, he never missed a cue and even improvised a few cues that enhanced the performance. I recommend Kirk to anyone who needs fast, affordable, reliable, quality audio production."

-Tim Webster, Drama Instructor, The King's School

"We're totally pleased with the project - thanks for all your patience, professional assistance and a job well done."

-Willy Dueck of Harmony Sound

"Kirk is a very professional and patient individual with great insight into what a classical singer requires in a recording. He allows the artist to concentrate on their craft rather than the technical side of the recording. I appreciated that I was able to be an active participant in the production decisions."

-Jessica Strong, Soprano

"It was a pleasure working with OakStream Music. Their timely, reliable and high quality work was greatly appreciated. We will definitely be working with them again."

-Leanne Havelock, Account Coordinator - Mars Hill Group
ExperienceOakStream Music Productions is a Winnipeg, Manitoba company owned and managed by Kirk A. Smith. Kirk is dedicated to creating high-quality compositions and musical productions with which to serve the business and entertainment communities - locally, nationally, and internationally.
EducationWith degrees in music and education, years of composing, sound technician, digital audio production and performing experience, Kirk has over thirty years of relevant experience to draw upon.
SpecialityExperience as a music educator and performing with several bands has given him an understanding of the subtle nuances of several instruments and genres. With proficiency on several instruments (piano, bass, guitar, drums, vocals) and a well-trained ear, Kirk is able to create exceptionally high-quality compositions and musical productions.

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203-1111 Munroe Ave. - Winnipeg, Manitoba - R2K 3Z5 - Canada

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