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UNEM-Filmproduktion Corporate Video

UNEM-Filmproduktion Corporate Video

Corporate Video

Lohweg 2 - Itzehoe, Schleswig-Holstein - 25524 - Germany

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UNEM-Filmproduktion Demoreel 2012
Image film production, product films and commercials
The UNEM-Filmproduktion produces corporate videos, commercials, product films und music videos. 3D animations visualize complex information (http:

Our customers are medium-sized enterprises, trade, crafts and i... more

ExperienceUNEM-Filmproduktion offers full service for the production of commercials and corporate Videos. We use crane, dolly and light for a professional look.

Die UNEM-Filmproduktion ( produziert Imagefilme, Werbespots, Industriefilme und Musikvideos. 3D-Animationen visualisieren komplexe Sachverhalte.
EducationUniversity of Applied Sciences, Heide Germany
Media & Communication

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Lohweg 2 - Itzehoe, Schleswig-Holstein - 25524 - Germany

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