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50 Broadway, Suite 1206 - New York, New York - 10004 - United States

We own and operate a 10,000' video facility at 50 Broadway with three HD multi-camera streaming stages, seitchers and redundant 100 mg lines

• As streaming is “live” there is no possible “do over”. So, we firmly believe in redundancy. While most streaming companies will bring one bottom or mid range encoder or attempt to stream directly from their mixing console (usually A Tricaster) or a even laptop, we arrive with two high end encoders both fully loaded and ready to go. When needed we run back up cable to the web.
• Most of our competitors are hardware dependant in the sense that they rely on rack-mounted physical servers sitting in a room that is rarely accessible at the moment it is critically needed. When these units break down, they most often cannot be fixed in real time when a critical webcast is in action. We are fully invested in cloud computing. Our service is mirrored on multiple machines literally allover the world. There is simply no single point of failure.
• Our fully-featured, enterprise level software is simply the best on the market. We can totally “white label” customize the viewing experience and provide every “bell and whistle” the client requires.
• We believe in the old principle “GIGO” (Garbage In, Garbage Out) So, even if a stream is standard definition, we shoot with full HD professional cameras and deliver to the encoder a full component signal. This is two levels of quality higher than we have seen with our competitors who seem to be satisfied with an inferior composite signal. We prefer to stream with the new, state-of-the-art HD Tricaster TCXD-850.
• Our on site tech crew has many years of experience dealing with the most esoteric technical problems.
• Our production team is headed by Bill Milling, an Emmy winning producer/director, with three decades of film and television production expertise. Bill has written, directed an/or produced over twenty feature films. He worked as NYC producer on major TV series such: as Mad About You, Friends, Will & Grace, How I met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, etc. and manages our production facility here at 50 Broadway. Bill was Executive in Charge of Production on Major Motion Pictures such as Lucky Number Sleven.
• We are fully equipped with our own, camera, lighting and grip equipment. We shoot major commercials and TV shows in our Broadway sound stages. Recent talent includes: Tina Fey, Richard Belzer, Jerry Lewis, Bill Mahr, Whoppie Goldberg, Martin Short, et al.

Education• Our president, Frank Lieberman has been a pioneer in this critical field. He has been serving Fortune 50 streaming clients with product as esoteric as the world’s first streaming robotic surgery. We are not late to the streaming party. We were there at “day one”.

Bill Milling, Emmy Wining Producer/director has an MA in English Literature
and an MA, Ph.d ABD from NYU Cinema Studies. Bill taught for five years as a professor at NYU school of Film & TV TISCH
SpecialityStreaming Media
Hardware ProficiencyAll pro HD cameras, Tricaster studio pro, Ospray encoders, etc.
Software ProficiencyAll major streaming software packages.

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50 Broadway, Suite 1206 - New York, New York - 10004 - United States

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