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Demo Reel:
The Lonely Moan: A Work in Progress Documentary Based on "Blood Meridian" by Cormac McCarthy
Lonely Moan is a compilation demo-reel captured in 4K resolution for a work-in-progress documentary about the John Glanton led gang of Government hired scalp-hunters who drifted, sacked, and arbitrarily murdered along the Old Mexico border in the 1849.

Emphatically inspired by the ... more

Experience• Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) and 1st Assistant Camera, Dodge Challenger UFO, Commercial for the 2011 Dodge Challenger. REDYELLOWGREEN TV. Jacob Jades, Director.

• 2nd Unit Cinematographer and 1st Assistant Camera, Reco. Reco Productions. Featuring Courtney Baxter, The Last Airbender, Directed by Chris Adler.

• Provided 2nd Unit 35mm Shots for Warner Bros. Feature, The Reaping. Produced by Robert Zemeckis and starring Hillary Swank.

• 2nd Unit Cinematographer, 1st Assistant Camera, The Hunting Party, starring Gary Farmer, Dead Man, Smoke Signals. Jean Stawarz, Powwow Highway, Director.

• Cinematographer. Portrait of a Filmscape. Short-film photographed in 35mm.

• 2001
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois

University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa

• Video Programs Director. Nevada Camera Club. 2010-2011.

• Workshop Presentation. Documentary Film Production with Red Digital Cinema. Nevada Camera Club. 2010.

• Visiting Instructor. Time-Lapse Cinematography Technique at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. 2000-2008.

• RED ONE Seminar & Workshop. Big Muddy Film Festival. February 2009.

• 35mm Film Production Workshop. Southern Illinois University. Spring 2008.

• Vintage Handcranked Filming Technique. Seminar taught at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Spring 2002.

• Screen Writing, Video and Film Production as a Teaching Assistant at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. 1996-2000.
SpecialityCurrently conducting research for the documentary film, The Lonely Moan, about the notorious John Joel Glanton, whose gang of scalp hunters terrorized the Mexican borders of Texas and New Mexico Territory in the 1840’s. Based on My Confessions and the fictionalized accounts portrayed in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian.

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5946 Cardinal Rose Lane - Las Vegas, Nevada - 89122 - United States

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