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NewVideo Instructional Video

NewVideo Instructional Video

Instructional Video

Scottsdale, Arizona - United States

Totally comfortable working with all types of individuals from the front desk admin to the CEO of any size corporation.
Experience20 years plus of on-set, on-location and studio video production experience.
Corporate Associate Training, Management Support, PR, Advertising, Not for Profit, etc.
EducationNo money to finish college back in the day. Such is life.
Did spend 10 years as a Contributing Editor at Videomaker Magazine
Author of more than 250 published articles in various trade publications.
1000+ paid voiceovers.
SpecialityTurnkey video production.
Expert in location and studio lighting.
Expert in location and studio sound
Experienced director of both technical personnel AND talent.
Skilled script writer, editor and adaptor.
Hardware ProficiencyMac user since April 1984. (likely one of the first couple of thousand people in the country to own a Mac.)
Virtually all camera models in the range from EFP models to camcorders.
All audio hardware below the level of automated symphonic mixing boards.
Expert at Tungsten, Fluorescent, LED, and HMI lighting. (even Carbon Arc in a pinch!)
Virtually all hardware necessary for field or studio production.
Canon 5dMkii
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Pro (since version 1.0)
Final Cut Studio (since issue)
General Business Software (MS Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, Excel, Numbers, Filemaker Pro, + 1000 or so miscelaneous programs gathered over 25 years in business.

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Submitted by on Sep 3, 2010
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Scottsdale, Arizona - United States

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