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Bigfoot Studios, Inc. Film Production

Film Production

1 Hollywood Blvd., Bigfoot IT and Media Park - Lapu Lapu, Cebu City - 6015 - Philippines

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Flawless Digital Demo Reel
A compilation of work done, supervised, or Project Management. 2001-Present.

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ExperienceExperienced and Accomplished Film, Broadcast, and Creative Professional. Strong personal and professional experience in emerging media content and online community engagement. Achieved excellence in Production and Post Production, across multiple platforms, enhancing the quality and standards of all endeavours. Successfully negotiated and obtained new Business Development, engaging excellent integrated marketing and traditional public relations. Exceptional at building presentations for clients and new business opportunities.
EducationBoston University
C.O.M. (College of Communications)
Delta Gamma Sorority

Professional Certifications

2006 RenderMan
2006 Mental Ray
2005 Advanced 3D Studio Max
2006 Final Cut Pro
2005 Digital Fusion for Compositors
2002 Microsoft Office
1999 Teaching Maya Essentials
1999 Maya Essentials
1999 Introduction to Maya
1998 Adobe After Effects Ace
1998 Adobe Photoshop Ace
1998 Teaching Intro to Avid Media Composer
1998 Certified AVID Instructor on Media Composer (intro and intermediate levels)
1997 Advanced Techniques for Avid Media Composer
1996 MC117 Avid Xpress Editing
1996 MC102 Film Editing on Avid Media Composer
1995 PA301 Modelling with Power Animator
1995 PA201 Animating the Power Animator
1995 PA101 Introduction to Power Animator (Alias Wavefront)
1995 AVID 101 Avid Media Composer Editing
1995 SI420 Using Softimage 3D for Games
1995 SI401 Character Animation
1995 Teaching Softimage
SpecialityCG, VFX & 3DCA Director, Supervisor, Coordinator & Consultant for Film, Television, & Broadcast.

Professional Projects : Jurassic Park 2 & 3, True Lies, Godzilla (1998), Doom, Golden Eye, The World is Not Enough, and many more feature films, Effect-Intensive Commercials, Games and Production Ventures. Head of Advertising, Production and Marketing. Recruitment for Film & Animation projects

Professional marketing, promotional materials & Investment Packets.
Hardware ProficiencyMost! (MAC, PC, Render farms, Dell, Alienware (my favorite), Mobile Iphone, Blackberry, etc.
Software ProficiencyMaya, 3Ds Max, Mental Ray, RenderMan,

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1 Hollywood Blvd., Bigfoot IT and Media Park - Lapu Lapu, Cebu City - 6015 - Philippines

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