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I am currently a freelance colorist and finishing ar6st primarily using DaVinci Resolve and Autodesk Lustre. A few years ago with the introduc6on of Resolve’s remote grading capabili6es I began to access new markets by offering a financially viable alterna6ve to the tradi6onal grading facili6es. I frequently perform remote supervised grading sessions around the world in places such as Russia, Australia, the Czech Republic, Serbia and thought United States. I frequently consult on important technical aspects of the grading process, including choices in hardware and soLware, as well as remote monitor calibra6on.
Although I always welcome new ar6s6c and technical challenges, I’m very conscious of the importance of excellent client management skills regardless of whether the client is siNng next to me or five thousand miles away.
Along with use of tradi6onal color grading tools, I possess a working knowledge of other popular soLware, like Autodesk Smoke, Avid Media Composer & Symphony, Apple Final Cut 7 & X, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, ALer Effect, Imagineer Systems Mocha.
I take pride in having thorough understanding of how to calibrate and maintain color-accurate monitors and projectors using tools such as Cinespace, CalMan or Truelight.
My background also includes an extensive amount of 6me spent in tradi6onal film pipelines crea6ng dailies and opera6ng Spirit 4K/2K, Shadow along with DaVinci 2K.
I also posses thorough understanding of modern camera formats and codecs, including R3D, ARRI RAW, SONY RAW, Cinema DNG, Prores, DPX, EXR, DNxHD, MXF.

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ExperienceJake Blackastone is the colorist and the founder of the company. He is uniquely able to combine his twenty years experience of traditional telecine grading with modern file-based non-linear style DI grading. Jake is a talented colorist, who has extensively worked throughout the world in places, as diverse, as LA and NY or Prague and Moscow. In addition to being a talented colorist, he had worked as a fashion photographer and a commercial director.
EducationTechnical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
SpecialityColor Grading • Conform • Edi5ng • Composi5ng • Color • Science Beauty work • Transcoding • HDCam SR Laybacks • DCP Crea5on • Monitor calibra5on
Software ProficiencyLustre • Resolve • Baselight • Nucoda • Smoke • Final Cut • Premiere • Media Composer • Mocha • Aoer Effects • Photoshop •PFTrack •PFClean • SpectraCal Calman • Cinespace

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1800 S. Brand Blvd. - Los Angeles, Glendale - 91204 - United States

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