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Presto!Digital Colourgrade Color Correction and Grading

Presto!Digital Colourgrade Color Correction and Grading

Color Correction and Grading

302 9664 106 Avenue - Edmonton, Alberta - T5H0N4 - Canada

Reliable, experienced, backstop approach *gets it done* at international QA standard. A rare blend of technical expertise and artistic sense.

Demo Reel:
JPO daVinci Demo
My daVinci 8:8:8 demo up to 2005, no Apple COLOR yet, but soon... ish...
Watch for... Michael Therriault, Me (the miner), Brent Carver, Don McKellar, RH Thompson, Paul Gross, Christopher Plummer, Michael Riley, Tom Jackson, Tina Keeper, Graham Greene, Bruce Bohne, Edie Falco, Ed Begley Jr., P... more

ExperienceOver 30 years broadcast and post production, film and video.
Engineering and operation of multicam OB and Studio for direct-to-air and dramatic production.
On-line/ Offline editing, VFX, platework
Color grade in telecine and tape-to-tape -- Cintel/daVinci/Resolve
Currently own/operate an integrated UHD Mastering boutique.
EducationBSc in Electrical Engineering.
SpecialityCore offering is colorgrade and BMD DaVinci Resolve
Hardware ProficiencyCintel telecine, daVinci, RESOLVE/Tangent, HDCamSR5500, Christie DW30, Apples of various strengths and colors.
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut, specifically FCP7, Resolve, Compressor, Adobe Encore, Shake, MochaPro, MacCaption. Expanding proficiency in Media Composer and Premiere.

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Submitted by on Mar 14, 2008
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302 9664 106 Avenue - Edmonton, Alberta - T5H0N4 - Canada

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Re: Presto!Digital Colourgrade
by Gary Shaw
Hey Joe,

The new panel is a thing of beauty.
Hope all is well in Ed.
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