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7801 Ruxway RD - Baltimore, Maryland - 21204 - United States

I've been self-employed since 1986. Still rolling.

Experience10 years as a video shooter and editor.
17 years as a major market on air talent and radio production director.
22 years as an AFTRA/SAG VO and Narration artist
30 years as an audio engineer
EducationEducation...Hm, well how about I've written two books about audio and I'm a teaching member of the Washington DC AFTRA SAG Conservatory. I teach a workshop in narration and one called "Audio and Video for today's actor."to union members.

I have taught as an adjunct teacher at local colleges. I have held numerous workshops in narration, location audio, audio and video for today's actor for the Washington Baltimore SAG-AFTRA Conservatory.

I usually have a couple of private students in VO, engineering or audio workflow.
SpecialityIn Studio - VO, singer-songwriter music, small group music
Location - film and video location audio - dialog, music, nat sound
Hardware ProficiencyMost hard drive recorders and Digidesign Digi 003R, digital video cameras, Sound Devices 442, 664 and USB PreD.
Software ProficiencyPro Tools 10
Final Cut Pro 7.0.2 and FCP X.
Apple Logic (some)
Audition (some)

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Submitted by on Mar 21, 2008
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7801 Ruxway RD - Baltimore, Maryland - 21204 - United States

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