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13517 Albania Way - Austin, Texas - 78729 - United States

I LOVE Video Production!!

I have been involved in Television Production since January of 1973, when I began my career at KOSA-TV in Odessa, Texas. I've been a commercial director/editor/shooter/post-production artist during most of my career, but I've also directed newscasts, served as Production Manager, and helped build a broadcast TV station literally from the ground up.
Back when I began, videotape was still in the dinosaur age - hulking huge reel-to-reel machines that ran 2-inch wide tape. Commercials with products were done LIVE in our studios during newscasts! Weather graphics were done with plastic letters on a menu board!
How incredible the changes in technology have been!

I spent the first ten years of my career working in broadcast stations, but in 1983, I moved to Austin, Texas and began working for what became Time Warner Cable - first as Production Manager, then as the Senior Producer-Director (my preferred role). I stayed there for 24 years, but now I have decided to open my own post-production and music studio, CrewsCreative. This gives me the freedom to work on projects I find challenging and rewarding and offers the opportunity to work with my clients in a professional, but comfortable and stylish environment that promotes creativity.

I am looking forward to working with you on many different types of projects, from feature film editing/fx/music, to other long-form programs, to industrial or corporate videos, and, of course, the short-form work I have excelled at for a quarter century. I have always enjoyed the creative vehicle of the 30 second spot and how one must write and edit for that short window. It is a haiku poem compared to long-form programs or films, and requires a certain art to do well.
Whether for a short form commercial or a long form video or original music track, call me today at 512-663-9669.
ExperienceOver 34 years broadcast video experience.
David Crews offers full commercial and long-form
video editing and post-production services,
including graphic design, motion graphics, animation,
concepting/scripting, and original music production.

Extensive experience in broadcast and cable television commercial production since 1973.
EducationB.A. from The University of Texas Permian Basin.
Taught television production courses at UTPB.
Specialty production training from Sony Institute.
Specialty training in Lightwave from NewTek.

And, most importantly, practical every-day training from the school of hard knocks - doing commercial production every day while learning the tools in depth by DOING the work every day.
SpecialityI have a deep love for After Effects and have been working with that program for 15 years, since it was still COSA After Effects.
My specialty is commercial production using video, graphics, and motion graphics.
I also specialize in original music production for video or film.
Hardware ProficiencyMy main edit proficiency is in Media100. I've been a Media100 editor since 1992. I'm at home with most television production equipment, whether post, studio, or location.

CrewsCreative current hardware equipment:
Video: Sony BetaSP UVW-1800; Sony DSR-45A DVCam/DV
Audio: Mackie 1402-VL3Z Mixer; Shure SM7B microphone; dbx215 EQ; KRK near-field monitors
Software ProficiencyCrewsCreative current software setup:
Editing: Media100HD (my main editing protocol)
FinalCutPro [Studio2]; Premiere Pro

Graphics/Animation: After Effects; Photoshop; Lightwave; Vue6Esprit; Poser7; Motion; Color; Illustrator;

Sound/Music: LogicPro; EastWest Gold Symphony Library; Ethnoworld Library; Waveburner; Kontakt2; Soundbooth; SoundtrackPro;

Other software: DVD Studio Pro; Compressor; Dreamweaver; InDesign; Fireworks; + numerous other applications

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13517 Albania Way - Austin, Texas - 78729 - United States

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