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If you have an infomercial or are thinking about producing one, call us. If you are a production company that produces shows for clients we can provide you with additional profits by referring clients to us.
ExperienceWe are a different kind of ad agency. By federal you must bid on TV time and agencies tend to bid high to maximize their 15% commission so that many companies can't make a profit with an infomercial, but we bid low thereby maximizing your profits. We don't use any human media buyers--we use a software program called StationBreak(tm) that uses artificial intelligence to bid on infomercial time to maximize your profits. Call us to learn more.
EducationB.S. in chemistry, physics, matha nd English Literatur
Medical School
Graduate School
We have been buying half hour infomercial time using StationBreak(tm) since 1984 and we have NO competition.
SpecialityWe help you to bid on infomercial time and to syndicate new, non-infomercial entertainment programming of all kinds like reality shows and talk shows.
In addition, we have a state-of-the art production facility and we have produced over 100 famous celebrity infomercials since 1984.
Hardware ProficiencyAll non-linear editing systems. Our StationBreak(tm) software is written in C# .NET that will enable to get infomercial time at the lowest prices and to do back end marketing using our advanced data mining feature to create trageted customer lists from your customer data that can generate 10 times what your infomercial grosses.
Software ProficiencyThe owner of our company program at the EXPERT level in EVERY computer language on ALL computer platforms, Windows, UNIX, MAC, etc.
He has written non-linear editing software and Closed Captoning software.

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20547 Old Cutler Road - Miami, Florida - 33189 - United States

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