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Bell Sound Studios Audio Editing

Bell Sound Studios Audio Editing

Audio Editing

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916 N. Citrus Ave. - Los Angeles, California - 90038 - United States

Experience40 plus years of experience in the recording and post production industry, Bell Sound is a leading service provider for all things audio and post. Working with ad agencies, production companies and artists from all over the world the Bell Sound Staff has the experience to finish your project at the top level. No project too big or small, Bell Sound adapts to each project. From recording voice over to music, sound designing commercials to features, and mixing everything in between. Bell Sound is your one stop shop for full service audio post production.
Education40 years of Service

Our 4 top mixers combine for 100 years of experience. (at Bell Sound)

Award winning projects and staff.
SpecialityAudio Recording
Audio Editing
Audio Mixing
5.1 Surround
ADR , Voice over (ISDN, APT, Prima, Zepher)
Sound Design / Exclusive SoundFX Library
Music Recording / Great Live Rooms!
A-List Amenities and Services
HD / SD Video Editing and Support
Hardware ProficiencyNeve Consol, Digidesign ICON, Video Decks (SRW5500 HDCAM SR, Panasonic 3700 D5, Sony DVWA500 DigiBeta, BetaSP, 3/4", GSpeed XL16 RAID, AJA Kona 3,
APT-X Miliano ISDN, Prima LT, APT 3D2.
Tons of Outboard Mic Pre(s), Compressors/Limiters, EQs, Mac Pros everywhere, Digital and Analog Audio Interfaces. Amazing vintage Mic collection, some as old as our business! For a complete listing of our gear please visit our website.
Software ProficiencyProtools 7+8
Virtual VTR
Sound Miner 4
Logic 9
Final Cut Pro 7
Premiere CS5
Photoshop CS5
Motion 4
After Effects CS5
Illustrator CS5
Flash CS5

Hundreds of Plugins (Audio and Video)

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916 N. Citrus Ave. - Los Angeles, California - 90038 - United States

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