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San Diego, California - United States

Hi - I'm Doug Brunelle, a professional musician, computer specialist, audio technician, and recording engineer/producer.

I have been a multi-instrumentalist from childhood days, and have worked with many other professional musicians, including 22 years with the U.S. Army Bands, playing various genres on bass guitar, clarinet, flute, keyboards, and drums.

My interest in audio technologies spans over 35 years, from the early days working with stereo and multi-track reel-to-reel machines, to the latest digital audio technologies.

An Internet user since 1991, before the WWW, I also spent 15 years working as a computer specialist and network administrator.

Premier AudioWorks was formed to fill the need for professional audio services, with the convenience of Internet access, from a person with a deep understanding of sound, computers, music, and audio technology.

ExperienceAudio Post projects have included a short film as well as a movie trailer. Added sound effects and Foley, implemented compression, peak limiting, downward expansion, EQ, to enhance soundtracks. Have done music mixing and production, including composing, playing, and mixing my own compositions, as well as adding live instrumental tracks to others' productions. Other projects have included editing for online educational materials, audio restoration and noise reduction, and recording and editing of audio interviews and conferences.
EducationHave been involved with audio production for 35+ years, as well as being a classically-trained professional musician for the same period of time, including 22 years full-time musician with the U.S. Army Bands.
SpecialityProviding Web-based professional audio services to clients across the globe, as well as for local clients in the San Diego, CA area.
Hardware Proficiency * Studio condenser microphones, large and small-diaphragm
* Studio-quality dynamic microphones
* Digidesign 002 audio Interface
* Powered studio monitors
* Various digital audio interfaces
* Digital and analog mixers
* Laptop and desktop computer workstations
* e-SATA and 1394 (Firewire) external hard drives for audio
* Various MIDI keyboard and pad controllers
* Sony and Sennheiser professional studio headphones
Software Proficiency * Digidesign Pro Tools LE 8.x
* Reaper (Cockos)
* Ableton Live Suite 8.x
* CD Architect (Sony)
* Melodyne (pitch and time correction)
* Various RTAS and VST plug-ins for effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, etc.

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San Diego, California - United States

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