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San Diego, California - United States

Hello- I'm Doug Brunelle, a professional musician, audio specialist, and computer technician.

My experience in music includes 22 years in the U.S. Army Bands, as well as performances with numerous professional groups outside the military. I've been a multi-instrumentalist from my Army Band days, playing clarinet, bass guitar, and flute in a wide variety of musical settings and genres.

I've been interested in audio technology from the early days of analog reel-to-reel tape machines. In addition, I worked professionally in the IT field as a computer specialist and network administrator for 15 years.

Having been on both sides of recording technology, a musician being recorded, as well as a technician recording musicians, I understand music, sound production, microphones, and all the other tools in the audio chain typically used to capture music to recorded media.
ExperienceI have recorded, mixed, and produced commercial-quality music demos for CD as well as online distribution. Recording projects have included rehearsals and performances of various groups, from solo instrumentalists and combos, to an 80-piece professional band. Have also worked with client-provided raw tracks in order to add live and virtual instrumental tracks and vocals.

Non-music projects have included recording interviews, narrations, and conferences.

Have done live recordings at a wide variety of venues, including private residences, churches, parks, rehearsal halls, convention halls, and clubs.
EducationI've been a working professional musician on bass guitar, clarinet, and flute, for over 35 years. Being involved in audio technologies since the early days of analog reel-to-reel recorders, I have been on both sides of the microphone. I speak the languages of music, audio, and computers, giving me a well-rounded perspective and the expertise to capture the nuances of musical performance in an audio recording.
Speciality* On-location multi-track recording
* Mixing and mastering of the recorded tracks
* Custom tracking of live (in-house) instrumental parts
* Mixing and mastering of clients' existing audio projects and raw tracks
Hardware Proficiency* Studio condenser microphones (large and small-diaphragm), dynamic microphones
* Digidesign and various other multi-channel digital audio interfaces
* Analog and digital mixers
* Powered studio monitors
* Sony and Sennheiser professional headphones
* Intel quad-core 17" Laptop w/4 GB RAM - primary workstation
* e-SATA and 1394 (Firewire) external hard drives for audio
* MIDI controller keyboards, MIDI percussion pad controllers
Software Proficiency* Ableton Live Suite
* CD Architect (Sony)
* Digidesign Pro Tools LE
* Melodyne (pitch and time correction)
* Reaper (Cockos)
* Assorted RTAS and VST plug-ins for effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, etc.

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Submitted by on Sep 30, 2010
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San Diego, California - United States

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