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Grapevine Communications Corporate Video

Grapevine Communications Corporate Video

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33 Grantchester Street - Cambridge, England - CB3 9HY - United Kingdom

ExperienceGrapevine has substantial experience in creating compelling visual stories for sales support, public relations, staff communications and training, drawing on a full range of production styles as needed - ranging from musical montage to serious documentary, from staged drama or comedy to location news reports - whatever it takes.

EducationTelling stories for sponsors poses special challenges. First, how to capture audience interest and attention - often against a background of indifference, scepticism or open antagonism. Then, developing and delivering powerful, compelling programmes and images that can reach those audiences and open them to the sponsor's message. Rhetoric, I guess, with moving pictures!

Grapevine's producer Michael Smith has successfully delivered a lot of corporate video - location single camera, staged events, studio and location drama, studio news and current affairs, graphics-led exhibition eye-catchers, human interest documentary - for businesses and organisations of many types, including multinationals and local start-ups, government agencies and charities.

Before specialising in corporate communications, he worked as a producer and team leader in an international television news agency (based for a time in Brussels covering EU affairs), and further back he enjoyed a thorough all-round technical introduction and camera training at a busy general-purpose film studios on the edge of London.

Back in the mists of time, he took a degree in Economics and Social Science, with a strong social psychology component and a Maths subsidiary.
SpecialityCreating absorbing, affecting programmes that balance audience needs and interests with delivering the sponsor's message.

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33 Grantchester Street - Cambridge, England - CB3 9HY - United Kingdom

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