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"Studios are always a little nervous when hiring untested graduate animators, it is a gamble that costs them time and money if he or she doesn’t perform to the required standard. A prospective employer will hire confidently if a candidate has attained the professional training provided on this course, my personal recommendation is respected in the cg community and that is why the top London studios are endorsing this Creature Animation School.”
ExperienceRob has 18 years experience in the 3D industry, over 10 of these as a specialist visual effects creature animator on feature films, companies worked at include: Henson’s Creature Shop, MillFilm, MPC, Framestore and Double Negative.

Feature Film Creature Animation Supervisor on:

John Carter Of Mars-Pixar (2012)

10,000 BC (2008) Terror Birds, Vulture and Sabre Tooth Sequences

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
EducationBSc Hons Kingston Ploytechnic
MSc Teesside University
SpecialityThe Creature Animation School for Film TV or Games

The animation school focuses your attention on the finer details of realistic motion in creatures/animals of any kind. You will be studying live action in detail, looking at creature poses and behaviour.

The techniques learnt will be appropriate and indeed vital to both character and creature and all 3D animation genres.

A key aspect of the Animation course is learning how to turn these observations into fluid and realistic movement.

The course is aimed at those who want to hone and develop their skills but can also be taught to anyone wishing to learn from scratch.
Software ProficiencyMaya

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26 high street - London, Hertfordshire - wd3 1er - United Kingdom

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