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Mustafa AbdAllah Cameraman


Alexandria, Egypt

Certifications & Awards

Faculty of Applied Arts - Egypt: (2002)
- Bachelor of Applied Arts (Photography, Cinema and Television Section).

Russian Cultural Center - Egypt: (1999)
- Certificate of Appreciation for participating in the center 's photography exhibitions.

University of Helwan - Egypt: (2001)
- The 3rd place award of the 5th Helwan University Photo Exhibition for Youth.

Mchugh Photoshop Exhibitions website - Australia: (2000)
- The 2nd place award of the International Photoshop Competition.

Sadaf Publicity & Advertising - Qatar: (2005)
- Certificate of Appreciation and Experience.
ExperienceWork Experience
Current Work:

Television Cameraman; Egyptian Television; Alex - Egypt; 2005 - Present:
* Full Time

o Working as a Television Cameraman for all kinds of programs and events (Social, Sports, News, etc.) outdoor & indoor (ENG - EFP).

o Indoor and Outdoor lighting distribution.

Television Cameraman; Specialist Channels Sector; Cairo - Egypt; 2009 - Present:
* Part Time

o Working as a Television Cameraman in live broadcasting units for some sports events.

Previous Work Experience:

Television Cameraman
* Part Time

o As a free lancer television cameraman in various TV channels such as: (Al-Rafedain Channel - ABC Economic Channel - Taiba Islamic Channel - Huda TV - Al-Majd Channel - ART Network - Melody Trix), Indoor and outdoor shooting with Digital Betacam, Crane and Dolly.

Photographer / Design Team Leader; Sadaf Publicity & Adv.; Doha - Qatar; 5/2004 - 4/2005
* Full Time

o Photographing all photographs needed to be used in magazines, posters and journals.
o Graphic designing of all printing works such as Banners, Posters, Cards, Signboards, Brochures, etc.

o Graphic designing of journalism related printings such as Ads, Magazines and Journals.

o Graphic designing of website 's graphical objects and animated site or company 's intros.

o Taking the job responsibilities and leading the design team from the designing then dealing with customers like (Qatargas - Al Khor Community) then making samples and proofs - when approved - operating it to printing operation.

Television Cameraman (Soldier); Moral Affairs Administration (Egyptian Armed Forces); Cairo - Egypt; 12/2002 - 12/2003
* Full Time

o Recording media television programs related to the armed forces and making documentary films using Digital Betacam, Jimmy Jib & Crane such as:
o Organizing and Administration Admin.
o Soldiers Admin.
o Gambits

Television Cameraman; Specialist Channels Sector; Cairo - Egypt; 7/2001 - 9/2001
* Training

o Camera Operating and recording all kinds of programs and events (Social, Sports, Ceremonies, News, etc.).

o Indoor and Outdoor Shooting.

Photographer / Television Cameraman; Military Faculty; Cairo - Egypt; 1999 - 2000
* Training

o Photographing the new applicants who applying for the admission.

o Recording graduation ceremonies and events.
EducationBachelor of Applied Arts - 2002, Faculty of Applied Arts
Television Videography
Camera Operating
Hardware Proficiencyo Camera Dolly
o Jimmy Jib
o Crane
Software ProficiencyAdobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effects
Sony Vegas Pro
Mac OS

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