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Moving Films Cameraman DP

Moving Films Cameraman DP

Cameraman DP

88/50 Ladprao 8 Vibhavadee Suite Jompon, Chatuchack - Bangkok, Bangkok - 10900 - Thailand

Demo Reel:
Moving Films - Maurice Spees - Allround Cameraman/Director & Photographer in SE-Asia
A variety of clips from several shorts, documentaries, promotions shot in and around Thailand.
Moving Films (formely Visualantis) is a Bangkok based Documentary and broadcast production service company based in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. With a base in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

ExperienceProfessional Photographer and HD film production, Full service production in SE-Asia. With over a decade of experience, a very versatile portfolio for international broadcast productions. FCP editor and high creative talent. Creative Initiative Advisor and filmmaker, lived and worked in SE-Asia for over 8 years.
EducationMedia & Technology - Bachelor
SAE Audio Engineering & Film diploma - bachelor
Bachelor Journalism and new media
SpecialityMoving Films, Where moving images speak louder than words...

Moving Films™ is a Global Independent Film Production company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We fully commit ourselves to produce high quality but cost effective films for Social & Self Development, Culture and our Natural environment. Highlighting the balance between nature in man and man in nature, focussing on solutions, not problems. We produce inspirational story-based and educational films, documentaries and promotions for companies and organizations committed to these causes, who can give great examples to the world, inspiring others. Characterizing: Inspiration, Transparancy, Authenticity and Spontaneity.
Hardware ProficiencyApple Desktops & macbook pro, older model cameras not listed, DSR-300, DVX100, HVX200, EX1, EX3, DSLR: Canon 5D mark II, 7D, 550D digi film & photography. Sound Boom operator, Sennheiser 416, Rode NTG2, NTG3, and a lot more...
Software ProficiencyApple Final Cut studio Pro Full, color, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Avid media composer, Logic, lightroom, onlocation, MS office, aperture, ...

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88/50 Ladprao 8 Vibhavadee Suite Jompon, Chatuchack - Bangkok, Bangkok - 10900 - Thailand

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