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Elyarch Ltd 3D Animation

Elyarch Ltd 3D Animation

3D Animation


London, England - United Kingdom

Elyarch creates bespoke digital visual content for brand advertising, events and architectural design.
We increase the impact of your campaign/design with powerful and engaging digital presentation elements:
3D graphic stills, animation and visual effects.

Confidentially, with confidence
We often work on projects with a high level of confidentiality. Being a reliable partner to our clients has proven to be one of the main reasons for the repeat business we get.
We strive to achieve the best quality under any given circumstances and we always deliver on our commitments.

We listen to you and make practical suggestions. We invite clarity and open communication so ideas can crystallise quickly.
We use our brains and keep the end goal in focus. This is how we create visual content with purpose and impact.

ExperienceIn recent years we have created visual content for event and advertising campaigns and competitions for well-known brands: Captain Morgan, Ciroc, Singleton, Zacapa, Martini, Stella Artois, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Skittles, Sony, Adidas, L'Oréal, Nails Inc.

We have been involved in major architectural project visualisations for The Westfield (White City, London), Westfield shopping centre in Derby, redevelopment of Liverpool centre (Liverpool One) and Newport city centre (Friars Walk) and smaller scale private developments, as well as multiple interior design projects.
3D graphic stills and animation production for architecture, events and advertising.
We cater for 3D visualisation, design aid, fly throughs, breakdowns, conceptual, story telling, and just about anything with a visual requirement.

More details on expertise:
3D: Modeling, texturing, lighting, camera / scene / character animation, scripting, rendering
Post production: Compositing, editing, grading, 3D and planar tracking, Rotoscoping, rig removal
Special effects: Particles, fluid simulation
Motion graphics

Hardware ProficiencyWe have always custom built and maintained our own desktop workstations and render nodes. This ensures zero down time whilst keeping data secure.

We are PC based, but can easily work with Mac based clients too.
Software Proficiency3D Studio Max
- Vray (our 3D renderer of choice)
- Phoenix FD (3D Fluid simulation)
After effects
Mocha Pro

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London, England - United Kingdom

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