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Ruester Productions HD Production

HD Production

North Hollywood, California - 91602 - United States

ExperienceNearly 5 years experience in Video Production, editing, shooting, Motion Graphics - see website for specifics!
EducationSchool of Hard Knox - was not able to afford college where I came from, taught myself... I love the career I'm in, and I learn much faster this way. I know there are many schooled professionals on this site, so I do not claim to ever know more than them, but my desire and willingness to learn are on par with the greatest!
SpecialityComedy and viral videos, music videos, anything new and exciting!
Hardware ProficiencyCamera - Own Panasonic HVX-200


Computer - PC / Mac

Audio mixers, shotgun mics, most field production hardware
Software ProficiencyAvid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, some Final Cut

After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Media Encoder, Encore DVD, Soundbooth/Audition

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Submitted by on Nov 23, 2010
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North Hollywood, California - 91602 - United States

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