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Brooklyn, New York - 11221 - United States

Demo Reel:
Show Reel 2011 DP/Editor Anthony Bari Jr.
This is my 2011 Show Reel, consists of Promo, Documentary, Press Events, and Travel projects.... more

ExperiencePost Production:
Worked in many formats from AVCHD,RED Native,ProRes, XDCam,P2, even a flip or 2.

Work on set/off set, doing locations, grip, camera dept, and mostly a shooter with my own gear.
Shoot on Canon 5D MKII, 7D, Sony EX-3 or 1, JVC HM100U, Panasonic HVX-200 or HMC-150, and many more.
EducationApple Certified Trainer Final Cut Pro 6 & 7 LVL 1 & 2
US Marines Honorable Discharge
American Press Association member
Art Institute (Digital Media Production)
SpecialityDSLR 5D MKII and 7D workflow, timelapse, travel, wildlife, cultural, military videos.
Hardware ProficiencyMAC Pro towers, and Macbook Pro's
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Aperture, a few others.

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Submitted by on Jan 3, 2011
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Brooklyn, New York - 11221 - United States

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Re: tonyinproduction
by Anthony Bari Jr.
Sometimes, I get everything in a project folder:
RAW Media from cards
Transcoded Media
All other Assets associated with the project. Audio,GFX,Etc.

Then back up the projects as folders on separate drives.

In short, 1 project per Folder, all assets inside the folder.

Give this a shot its a great little tool for project/media management

Just update you the fcp file.

A Raid is always a good idea.

RAID 1 or RAID 0
see the chart on this link

Back to your question, All media/scratch on the Media Drive.
OS on a separate.

Just don't back up all media, multiple times.

You can have a drive for only your RAW off the card media. As well.

Apple Certified Instructor (Final Cut Pro 7)
"Semper Fi USMC"
Re: tonyinproduction
by Chris Gavrilovic
I appreciate the feedback about the scratch disk/media disk stuff. So basically Im better off having both scratch and media on a separate disk from boot disk. That being said, and I better off having scratch on one disk and media on another? So for e.g. boot disk, dedicated scratch disk, and dedicated media disk?

Also am I better off having a RAID for the scratch or for the media?

Thanks again.
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