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All Accounts give you the ability to add unlimited users and media folders.

Demo Reel:
+MERGE Color Grading Reel Winter 2014
+Merge Creative Media is a full service Conform & Color Grading boutique. Our focus is to bring you realtime color grading with NYC’s top colorists without the tradtional facility costs inflating your budget.... more

ExperiencePoststream Live™ specializes in managing and organizing the approval process with easy file uploading. Clips can be either downloaded or streamed. The following capabilities are only some of the features available:

•Post from any location (on-set, office or home, wireless or broadband)
•Post any type of file directly out of nearly any program (Final Cut Studio™ or MS Word™)
•Give clients, editors and producers only the access they need for their portion of the work, including create, delete, edit, copy and comment.
•Track and archive feedback from clients or producers.
•Use the comment section as a To-Do list by setting the status markers (pending or final) for each comment.
•The interface is customizable; your company logo or branding can be featured in the interface.
EducationWhat are the user system requirements?

The Poststream Live™ server does not require a dedicated web connection for the client access computer, but the best performance is available when a bandwidth of at least 512 Kbps is available for the system to use. Higher-rate internet access smoothes the streaming video and downloading process, but access rates as low as 128 Kbps can be serviceable to accommodate remote on-site productions.

The following hardware specifications are required for the server computer, unless the
Poststream Live™ dedicated server farm is used:

1. At least 1 Mb/s available on the LAN without congestion (minimum requirement)
2. At least a 2.0 Ghz processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM and at least 500 Mb Hard Drive
free space.
3. QuickTime™ 7 or higher and Windows Media Player™.
How much does it cost?

Poststream Live™ is available for a monthly fee. This fee is tailored to each user’s storage and bandwidth needs. Please call us for an accurate price quote. The Minion Plugin is not restricted by number of seats. This means the administrator of the account can distribute the plugin to as many editors or outside vendors as they want to have access to the web server.

145 6th Ave 7th Floor New York, NY 10013

Who should use it and how does it work?

A typical Poststream Live™ user could be an advertising agency, production company or network that wishes to maintain a directorship role with respect to its media contractors, or that desires a quick turnaround on its programs and promotional spots.
SpecialityThe Poststream Live™ web interface simply and elegantly solves the persistent problem of media organization when using collaborative production. Connecting via the internet, producers, directors, editors and their partners can access and modify project files simultaneously from anywhere in the world. Security is maintained by attaching a user name and password to each project. It is not necessary to install special software on the client computer (Quicktime™ 7 or later and/or Windows Media Player™ are needed to play streaming video). Both PC and Mac platforms are supported.

To further accelerate project postings, access to the Poststream Live™ server can be obtained directly by utilizing the “Minion” plug-in for Mac that is supplied at no extra cost. Minion allows drag and drop export of ANY TYPE OF FILE, including word processing documents, video clips, audio or virtually any other file associated with any Mac application including After Effects™ and Final Cut Pro™. PC users can publish through the internet using the online interface. Minion for PC will be available soon.
Hardware ProficiencyCross Platform, All you need is a web browser to use.
Software ProficiencyLittle to none to get started!

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145 Sixth Ave, 7th Floor - New York, New York - 10013 - United States

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