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Rome, Venice - Italy

ExperienceA or B Camera Operator / Hand Held Operator / Segway Handsfree Operator /
Special Skills such Camera Operator on Mountain Walls

- Experience on Feature Films, Shorts, Documentaries, Commercials and Music Videos
- Technical Experience in Digital Imaging Technologies
- Experienced such Camera and Steadicam Operator with Film and Digital Cameras
- Special Skills for camera movement and visual composition
- Abilities to co-ordination, collaborate in team, join creativity with technical knowledge

Fluent in English, Italian - Basic knowledge of: Spanish
EducationI'm a very dynamic and creative operator always looking for the perfect frame. This brings me, to face up any new work with great love and fearless determination, challenging my own ability as composer of image shot by shot. Therefore, my job on the set, is to create with the director, his director of photography and actors, a composition of the image that can be considered a "symphony of skills" wich can be able to excite the only and pure essence of the image created.

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Submitted by on Jan 19, 2011
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Rome, Venice - Italy

Cinematography   •   Steadicam
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