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Malcolm Productions Documentary

Malcolm Productions Documentary


8222 E. Hoverland Rd. - Scottsdale, Arizona - 85255 - United States

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ExperienceSee my website or my Vimeo page for my latest work.

Comming soon: Feature length documentary...
EducationMasters of Business Administration (marketing/management)
Long Island University

Bachelors of Fine Arts (Film/Television production)
New York University; Tish School of the Arts

CET (broadcast engineering)
Center for the Media Arts (NYC)
SpecialityDocumentary/Industrial filmmaker/producer
Hardware ProficiencyFrom spring wound 16mm Bolex (1970's) to DSLR's & C100 (today)

Tube cameras, remember those? shot with quite a few of them, then "chips" came in; now tape-less cameras...things do change.

35mm/16mm/Super16/ have not used these formats in quite a while, but I still have 2-4x5 cameras, 2-2 1/4 cameras, want to buy one? and a few 35mm cameras. I still have 2 strobe packs 5 heads and a few mono lights. Now I use CFL's and LED's with my DSLR's and C100, amazing change in technology.

I have sparked up a 10K brute, look it up on Wikipedia.
Software ProficiencySony Vegas Pro 12 system, though I consider it an "off-line" system, I am able to finish most of my work myself. Started using DaVinci Resolve and have a 10bit monitor, so I'm able to output a decent look.

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8222 E. Hoverland Rd. - Scottsdale, Arizona - 85255 - United States

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