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My passion is to work as a producer, keeping a foot in writing and directing my own material as opportunity allows. I am driven and committed to succeed.
ExperienceI have experience both in front of and behind the camera. My camera-front experience is limited to extra work primarily, and photo shoots (as a model). I chose to tackle some "actor/model" opportunities as a way to experience the challenges in front of the camera.
Behind the camera, I have credits/experience as producer, gaffer, and location manager on feature films (legitimate, indie productions - 500K+ budgets). On short films I have a range of credits and experience that strengthen my producing goal.
I have written 3 feature scripts, several shorts, and commercial specs.
EducationSelf-taught video production. I started off writing scripts back in 2001, moved to shooting DV and some audio in 2003, followed by 24p with the DVX100 in 2005, the HVX200 in 2007, tackled lighting in 2008, grip in 2009, and producing (as a package) in late 2009.
I now own a 3-ton lighting and grip truck/package, shoot with the HVX with a DOFA, the GH1, the 5D Mark II, and run my audio only when necessary (I just don't particularly enjoy the audio side of production). I have been posting on Premiere since 6.5, and currently operate on CS5 Production Premium.
I have never attended a film school or college, but I have a BS in Exercise and Sports Science. My video/film education has come by way of reading books, magazine, web articles/tutorials, working with pros and asking a hundred questions, practice, and trial and error.
SpecialityMy focus is producing, gaining a little more education on each film and commercial shoot. I am a solid DP,although not savvy from a schooling standpoint - my strength is my ability to get it done under whatever the circumstance. I can post, but prefer to have some else brush it up. I always prefer to give audio to a pro because I'm usually neck deep in the other crafts. I am an excellent location manager, producer, gaffer, grip, and a number of other video/film-related tasks. I pride myself in screenwriting and the ability to "fix" a scripts.
Hardware ProficiencyI am proficient in lighting and grip for films under a million dollars. I am proficient in shooting with the HVX200, Canon 5D Mark II, using the Letus35 Ex, and operating audio that feeds into the camera. and editing on Premiere Pro.
Software ProficiencyMy experience with software is limited to editing on Premiere Pro, with some AE work, Encore authoring, and Photoshop. I have also used Magic Bullet Looks for coloring.

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777 Mountain Pass Rd - Blue Ridge, Virginia - 24064 - United States

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