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Rayborne Films Film Production

Rayborne Films Film Production

Film Production

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Offers production services for your film or video project. Our production team can make your vision a reality. Our talented group of producers, production crew and post team can deliver your project with cutting edge quality and within your budget.

We will provide you with beautifully crafted, effective videos and great value for money. We can script, shoot, and edit your video. We shoot in HD and can provide you with sophisticated graphics, music, presenters and actors.

Once completed we can supply your video in the formats you require. This includes encoded for your website, already incorporated into a web page, on DVD (SD or Blu Ray) in formats for playing on computers or broadcast standard for television transmission.

We want to make life simple for you. We will create the right video you need to sell your services and products on-line. We will then add these videos to your website and to YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, and other similar sites.

People surfing the net want to quickly find the information about the service or product they are interested in. You need this to be presented to them via a method that rapidly gives them this information whilst also conveying quality, security, believability and reliability. Most importantly, our priority is SAFETY FIRST.

Demo Reel:
Mercedes Demo
The and tale about the Mercedes E350 and its safty, features, comfort and performance... more

ExperienceFounder, Executive Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Video Editor, Writer, Model, Host and Actor.

Bringing 15 years of film productions experience to provide the best quality of films with a group of talented people who are working for a common goal. The goal of bringing all of our resources together to make a film production like none other.

Having a sequence in the script that are mine alone to direct as I’ve experienced on how to choose the right lens, build my shot list (storyboard). Blocking the camera and cast to find the right performances in order to break down the script for direction, creating a list, notating the beats and discovering the sub-text.
Deciding on when the scenes come up on the schedule and my decisions with my inspirations that will determine what shot are made and which performances are selected for editing. Good communication between actors and directing to a completely understanding in the actors world from script breakdown to performances.
My Creativity's and abilities to direct a convincing performance/show/film/documentary by incorporating my imaginative use of the camera. I always challenge my abilities to motivate and inspire the actors, and myself by knowing what I need from myself and the actors on or off the camera.



1. Motivating the actors
2. Actors language
3. Developing Characterizations
4. What to look for when casting
5. When to stay out of the way
6. Keeping the performance alive take after take
7. The big why
8. Breaking down the script from the actors viewpoint
9. Creating characters and their personality relationship
10. Improvisation with the actors on and off camera
11. Rehearsing the actors
12. Auditioning Process
13. Troubleshoot poor performances
14. Selecting and interpreting the scripts
15. Creating a shot list for story boarding
16. Collaborating with the crew
17. Multi camera shots and movements
18. Staging, blocking and working with talent
19. Technical and creative tools of compositions of lens
20. Shape the final edit and make decisions for the right shot



From development, production to post-production, sales and promotion technique.
Examining the breakdown of the script while performing the key roles and responsibilities of the working production, logistics, budgeting, scheduling, casting, post-production, promotion, distribution, contacts, interviews to writing the checks and payroll along with daily production reports.



Supervises the filming of movies, commercials, television series, or any other sort of filmed production. It is common to see the terms "Director of Photography" the Director of Photography is responsible for the look and feel of a piece on film. On set, the Director of Photography or DP supervises the camera and lighting crews, and he or she will work closely with the set designers, costumers, and makeup artists. Often, the Director of Photography and the Director both have final say over which cuts will be included in the finished piece, and the two work closely together to achieve the desired look. The Director of Photography will use lighting, filters, and a variety of camera techniques to shoot a scene in accordance with the wishes of the director.

A Director of Photography may also be involved in post-production, working with the sound and color artists to develop and reproduce the film. The DP often works closely with the editing staff as well, creating a consistent look throughout a scene, even if it was shot over the course of hours or days.



We work closely with the director during principal shooting in order to properly frame each shot according to the script and/or the director's personal vision. While a film director may have a general idea of how a scene should look, it is the responsibility of a cinematographer to make it happen. A cinematographer may also be considered a camera operator, especially if his or her decision-making power is minimal. A working cinematographer actually looks through the lens of a camera while filming a scene, much like a still photographer snaps individual photographs. The lighting director and crew will often work with the cinematographer to make sure the amount of light reflecting off the actors and scenery is acceptable. If a special lens or filter is required for an artistic effect, it is the cinematographer's job to make the changes.

If a film has a large budget, several cinematographer may be hired to work different camera set-ups. Smaller film companies may only be able to hire one cinematographer, who must be present for every shot. Occasionally a director may take over the cinematographer's duties if the set needs to be closed for privacy. An experienced cinematographer may also act as a second-unit director, responsible for shooting general background or establishing shots without the principal actors. A sweeping view of a city at the beginning of a film may be the work of a cinematographer alone.



Familiarization with various types of Mini pro DV cameras and their operational procedures.
1. Various Angle shots
2. Using difference types of matte box
3. Filter lens layout for shots
4. Choosing the right mounts, dollies and cranes for the camera
5. Multi camera shots and movements
6. Use of cameras for different scene layout
7. Using stead-cam systems



My ability in writing has allowed me to visualize and imagine my characters to be able to bring them to life.
Using Hollywood Screen writer and Final Draft give me the opportunity to bring my skills to life.
From character analysis to fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, drama and action with the imaginary story that makes sense to read and follow, that will captivate your imagination like you were actually there.
Writing the script for my travel documentary TV show as I also cast my voice over to tell the story while also hosting the show.
Doing a large number of research and studies that allow me to find the right stories that will educate, where to travel and what captivates the audience’s imaginations.



Started on stage and then to revolutionize my film acting technique, using imaginary fresh performances despite of multi takes which is constrained by lighting, camera blocking, and visual needs of the directors.
Dealing with hilarious embarrassingly human circumstances and improvising my acting scene; spontaneously in a scene work written or not.
By developing a monologue to perform in a variety of situation, as well as Shakespeare, Broadway like play and the middle-ages scene study. But primarily focusing on my new travel show for television.



All of this planning and filming leads up to the most vital aspect of film making -- post production work. Post production turns individual scenes, called raw footage, into a finished motion picture. Editors splice all of the usable footage together into a coherent storyline according to the script. Composers add background music to create dramatic or comical effects. Special effects teams add computer - generated images and backgrounds to enhance the set or provide an as-yet-unseen character. All of this work can only be performed during post production.

Post production may also involve fixing mistakes not corrected during principal shooting. Quite often an actor's microphone will not pick up crucial bits of dialogue or another microphone may pick up extraneous noises. During post production, an actor may have to return to a sound booth in order to re-record lost dialogue or improve the original delivery. This is called looping. Another function of post production is to add incidental sound effects not captured during the original scenes. A specialist called a foley artist will record such sounds as an actor's footsteps, a creaking door or gunshots and adding special effect, visual effect, sound effects also lighting and motion effects to create such an elaborate cinema effects for the Internet, TV, DVD and theaters.

SpecialityFeature Films
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Film and Video Game Trailers
Opening Titles Sequences
Promo Videos
Show Graphics
Flash Animated Websites
Film Scoring
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Industrial Videos
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Local, National & International Commercials
Web Video Advertisements
Various types voice overs
Online Viral Video
Video Editing
Website Design
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Business Card Designs
Flyers and posters
tv commercials
conferences exhibitions
special occasions

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