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Orange County - Southern California, 92831 - United States

Film career stats: For many years working as production crew, I am very fortunate to continue working in the film business and still growing. And being recognized by my film industry peers, this gives me tremendous self pride, which I have worked very hard over the years to established. My industry credits include the following categories:

* Motion Picture Film [features & shorts]
* Television Commercials [locale & national]
* Modeling Crew Support [location & studio]
* Motion Picture Studio Work [CJS, Film Studios - AZ.]
* Music Industry Affiliation [Chateau and Metal Blade Records ]

Also an extension of my film career and involvement; I proudly finished a screen story which is registered with the Writers Guild of America / West. My goal is to get my project into production someday as this will be my first original "rookie" film shoot. My story has real depth that resonates with any human that needs to be soul searching for their place in life. It has taken me a lengthy amount of time to establish that definitely deserves much attention going beyond the boundaries of "heart felt human emotions."

I finished my second screen story and it's what we all are experiencing in today's "troublesome" economy, but with a positivity all can embrace. I will decide if at all, to have my story ready for registration with The Writers Guild / West. Then off to campaign and get my story into production [hopefully] in 2017. Continuing further; My screen story gives anyone who has experienced economic adversity, the perseverance to succeed no matter what barrier or difficulty stands in ones way. A story of determination that dictates to all who believe in themselves to " Never give up on your dreams and goals - because when you do, you've failed yourself ." This comment was recited to me many years ago by a film industry iconic actor, the late Steven 'Apostle' Peck owner of Angelo's and Vinci's Italian Ristorante in the city of Fullerton, Calif.

Here's a list of my pro lighting & grip gear and the daily rates up to 10 hours:

One day rental.....................$550.00 a day [payment due in full upon arrival]
Three day rental..................$450.00 a day [50% of payment due on arrival and the balance at end of film shoot]
Four day rental....................$350.00 a day [50% of payment due upon arrival and the balance at end of film shoot]
The hours profiled above does not conflict with breakfast, lunch or dinner meal breaks. And I only rent if part of the physical production crew.

* Pro lighting & Grip equipment
* Crew participation
* Grip truck rental [mileage charges apply after the 50 mile mark]
* Lodging accommodations [Lodging charges apply if film shoot is more than 75 miles away from home base]

Payment remittance: certified checks are accepted but only from a recognized financial institution in the U.S.A.. And if paying in cash, a receipt will be issued to the independent film making production company for tax accountability bookkeeping purposes.

* 1 - T-2 2000watt tungsten
* 1 - T-1 1000watt tungsten
* 1 - 650watt plus tungsten

Matthews Grip:

* 7 - 40" c-stands with grip head & arm
* 2 - 20" c-stands with grip head & arm
* 3 - Jr. triple riser (roller) stands
* 2 - Sr. combo double riser ( roller) stands
* 2 - Hollywood combo medium overhead (roller) stands
* 2 - Spud 1-1/8" / 5/8" stand adapter
* 2 - Drop ceiling scissor clamp with 5/8" pin
* 4 - 1" inch clamps
* 1 - Bead board / foam core clamp
* 6 - full apple boxes
* 14 - 15lb. sand bags
* 10 - 20lb. sand bags

Matthews overheads
* 1 - 8' x 8' quick corners (heavy duty) frame comes with ears:
* 1 - 1/4 stop silk
* 1 - silk diffusion
* 1 - white china silk
* 1 - full stop

* 1 - 6' x 6' quick corners (heavy duty) frame comes with ears:
* 1 - white silk
* 1 - 1/4 stop silk
* 1 - white china silk
* 1 - single black scrim
* 1 - 48" x 48" top hinge floppy flag

Open End Scrims:

* 1 - 30" x 36" full stop
* 1 - 30" x 36" china silk
* 1 - 30" x 36" 1/4 stop china white silk
* 1 - 30" x 36" 1/4 stop (diffusion) white silk
* 1 - 24" x 30" single white scrim
* 1 - 24" x 30" single black scrim
* 1 - 24" x 36" cucoloris (wood type)
* 1 - 24" x 30" cucoloris (screen type)
* 2 - 18" x 24" full stop flags
* 1 - 12" x 18" single black scrim
* 1 - 12" x 18" double black scrim
* 1 - 12" x 18" silk

Road Flag Kit:

* 4 - break - a - way frames
* 2 - silk diffusion
* 1 - single black net
* 1 - full stop
* 1 - gold laminate
* 1 - silver laminate

Photo Flex:

* 2 - Movie dome (medium) soft boxes with egg crate & diffusion panels
* 1 - Cine dome (small) soft box with egg crate & diffusion panels

Lee Gels:

* Assorted 12" x 12" and 18" x 20" sheets from CTB, CTO and Diffusion
* CTB 1/2 stop - roll
* CTB full stop - roll
* CTO full stop - roll
* White Diffusion 1/2 stop - roll
* White Diffusion - roll
* 1/4 Minus Green - roll

Director's Chairs & Miscellaneous:

* 4 - lowboy style
* 3 - sound blankets
* 1 - roll gaffers tape
* 1 - small roll black wrap
* 1 - large roll black wrap
* 4 - 25' stingers
* 2 - 50' stingers

Production insurance:

It's imperative the independent film maker have and show proof of film production insurance. There are many to choose from in the Los Angeles / Hollywood area. Go to: and go grocery shopping.

Experience Film Crew experiences include the following:

* Lighting Grip
* Props (set accessorizing / decor)
* Costume / Wardrobe ( full charge or assistant)
* Set Construction / Strike Assistance
* Cooking Skills (small to medium size cast & crew)
EducationTheatrical, Film Studio & Music Industry stats:

Started my film career in the mid-seventies, and studied and graduated from the John D. Barrymore Actors Workshop that was once located in the back lot at a major motion picture film studio in Hollywood, Calif. on Las Palmas & Santa Monica that's still in operation today! And during that time frame, I was involved as a drum roadie / production crew for a well known 'heavy metal' band based out of Fullerton, Calif. named: "The Mechanics." You can view their stage shows from the Los Angeles music scene on You Tube "The Mechanics" of Fullerton.

Also as a kid growing up in the San Gabriel Valley / Los Angeles area, I had the good fortune of finding out that my cousin Ting Markulin who was co-founder and played guitar for the 60's band "The Human Beinz" on the Capital Records label established in the town called Youngstown, Ohio. Just listen to a song named: "No Body But Me" on You Tube. So very proud of my cousin for his creative contributions to the music industry! And last and most important to my film career; I successfully completed a one year internship in the Costume / Wardrobe department at CJS, Film Studio in Arizona as I transitioned as head of that department for close to a four year duration.

SpecialityMy speciality craft skills is Styrofoam Sculpting which include original designs:

* Brick
* Block (Medieval Dungeon)
* River Rock
* Door Entry Arc Ways

Some of my creative Styrofoam sculpting work has been artistically applied to several back lot movie sets at the CJS, Film Studios in Arizona. I also painstakingly and methodically reorganized a large inventory of interior movie sets for faster retrieval with overall efficiency while assisting with the maintenance of several large sound stages. Also my other craft skill includes building an authentic rustic 1840's circa "Western" look'in sheriffs office jail set of that time era.

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Re: West End Grip & Lighting and Crew Services
by Jon Socie
With many years of experiences and professional craft skills I bring to the table, I also worked the film markets in neighboring states:

* Arizona (Phoenix, Black Canyon City and Tempe areas)
* New Mexico ( Las Cruses / Deming)
* Texas (El Paso & Dallas / Forth Worth areas)

So if you're looking to take your productions out of state and find that perfect "Back Drop" for your story line, I can assist you in locating what you need!
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