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MattG Productions HD Production

MattG Productions HD Production

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332 W. Main Steet - Merced, California - 95340 - United States

Experience03/2011 - COMPLETED Sharene Spielman "You're Gonna Love Me Again" Music Video - Writer/Director/Editor
03/2011 - COMPLETED Jim Newell's Iron and Metal - Commercial - Director/Editor
03/2011 - COMPLETED Sundowner Solar - Commercial - Director/Editor
02/2011 - COMPLETED Century 21 M & M and Associates - Commercial - Director/Editor
02/2011 - COMPLETED The 4th Annual Crisp Family Superbowl Party for US Military - Producer
11/2010 - COMPLETED Premonition "Semper Fi" Music Video - Director/Editor
10/2010 - COMPLETED Late Night Fright Castle Air Museum - Video Production Supervisor/Editor
10/2010 - COMPLETED Monster Fest featuring George Lynch of Lynchmob - Video Production Supervisor/Editor
09/2010 - COMPLETED Amie Marchini's Mission Gardens - Corporate film - DP/Editor
08/2010 - COMPLETED Paper Thin a short film directed by Mark Dias - Editor
07/2010 - COMPLETED - The Ultimate 100 Camp in Los Angeles - Head Videographer
06/2010 - COMPLETED - Documentary "LA Pride Day" Los Angeles - DP
06/2010 - COMPLETED - National Underclassmen Combine - Head Videographer
05/2010 - COMPLETED National Underclassmen Combine - Head Videographer
05/2010 - COMPLETED Nipsey Hussle Live Event Celebrity Center in Hollywood Music Video - DP/Editor
04/2010 - COMPLETED The National Underclassmen Combine - Second Camera
04/2010 - COMPLETED The Brent Miller Show - Executive Producer/Creator
03/2010 - COMPLETED Morgan Brown @ Larabee Studios Burbank, CA - DP/Editor
02/2010 - COMPLETED Morgan Brown Music Video - DP/Editor
01/2010 - COMPLETED Excel Music Video - DP/Editor
01/2010 - COMPLETED "Gridlock NYE Party at Paramount Studios" - Production Supervisor/Editor
12/2009 - COMPLETED S Pomp EPK Electronic Press Kit- DP/Editor
11/2009 - COMPLETED The Morgan Brown Show Episode 2 - DP/Editor
10/2009 - COMPLETED Behind the scenes of "I'm Burnt" with Problem featuring KURUPT - DP/Editor
10/2009 - COMPLETED The Morgan Brown Show Episode 1 - DP/Editor
09/2009 - COMPLETED Kool Keith featuring Denis Deft "Bikinis and Thongs" music video - Production Supervisor/Editor
07/2009 - COMPLETED Icandi Styles Fashion and Flare fashion show - DP Editor
06/2009 - COMPLETED Juneteenth, Palmdale CA - DP/Editor
04/2009 - COMPLETED George Clinton photo shoot - Production Supervisor
03/2009 - COMPLETED Photo shoot and video featuring Bad Azz, All Nightaz and LB State - DP/Editor
03/2009 - COMPLETED The Fast and The Furious Premier at Universal Studios - Camera Operator/Editor
02/2009 - COMPLETED Oscars Viewing Dinner and Awards Celebration Party at The Beverly Hills Hilton - Senior Production Supervisor
02/2009 - COMPLETED Los Lobos concert honoring Cheech and Chong - Production Supervisor/Editor
02/2009 - COMPLETED Melky Jean (Wyclef's Sister) - Production Supervisor/Editor
12/2008 - COMPLETED Children Uniting Nations and 98.3 FM's Book-n-Toy Drive with "Brutha" and "Keith Sweat" - Videographer/Editor
11/2008 - COMPLETED Day of The Child with Aaron Carter and Colby Odonis - Videographer/Editor
10/2008 - COMPLETED Slash promo video shoot for Sam Ash music - Videographer/Editor
08/2008 - COMPLETED Dodger Day to benefit Children Uniting Nations with - Videographer/Editor
06/2008 - COMPLETED The Wilmington, N.C. “WIFI” Film Festival (two on camera celebrity interviews) - Director of Photography
05/2008 - COMPLETED Pangea Day at Sony Picture Studios, an “in the can” short film titled "Voiceless" - Videographer/Editor
04/2008 - COMPLETED Voiceless a short film for Children Uniting Nations - Writer/Director
03/2008 - COMPLETED Celebrity Soul Pilot - Creative Director
02/2008 - COMPLETED Oscars Viewing Dinner and Awards Celebration Party at The Beverly Hills Hilton - Production Supervisor
EducationAUDIO ENGINEER - The Los Angeles Recording Workshop - N. Hollywood, CA - 1997 to 1998
CINEMATOGRAPHY/EDITOR - The Los Angeles Film School - N. Hollywood, CA -1998 to 1998
SpecialityProducing large productions. Experienced with budgets from $100K to $350K
Hardware ProficiencyMac, Canon XL1 and XH A1, Britek Lighting, Audio Technica shotgun and Sennheiser wireless lav.
Software ProficiencyFCP 6, DVD Studio Pro and Pro Tools LE 8

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332 W. Main Steet - Merced, California - 95340 - United States

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Re: MattG Productions
by Chris Cottrell
Not a problem Sir. Hopefully we can be of good use to you in the future. Thank you.
Re: MattG Productions
by Matthew Gonzales
My apologies. I get calls from people who wanna sell me something, or extend my warranties, or to refinance. I had just received a call from 818 about by an extended warranty for my car. I was a bit rude to the guy to say the least. So yep, my apologies. I did call back and spoke with someone. They said your company fixes cameras and since my XL1 was just sent out on Monday to Video One Repair in Newbury, I thought maybe it was sent over to your company.
Now that I read the email I realize, Ooops! Sorry again, Chris.

MattG Productions
Re: MattG Productions
by Chris Cottrell
tried contacting. was told wrong number.
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