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5148 Peach Street #340 - Erie, Pennsylvania - 16509 - United States

ExperienceDedicated to presenting the works of independent filmmakers, writers, artists and musicians.
EducationThe Great Lakes Film Association celebrates the arts and the art of film as it makes a dynamic transition from celluloid to binary code.

Founded in 2002 by Steven M. Opsanic, the Great Lakes Film Association strives to accomplish their mission by showcasing new independent films, recognizing outstanding filmmakers, artists, and musicians; conducting scriptwriting competitions, and hosting public workshops and events.

The Great Lakes Film Association is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that relies on contributions, sponsors, and the hard work of its volunteers.

Founding many film oriented projects and events including the Great Lakes Independent Film Festival and the Eerie Horror Film Festival, the Great Lakes Film Association is Northwest Pennsylvania’s only association for independent film and is the first to organize an independent film festival. Our main focus is on improving and enhancing the arts and the independent film industry and tourism climate in Northwest Pennsylvania. This is not something that we feel we should do, but something that we know in our hearts and in our minds that is our responsibility to do as a film association.
SpecialityThe Great Lakes International Film Festival, in association with the Great Lakes Film Association has created the ultimate festival that is designed to give the Independent Filmmaker the most exposure with the greatest reach of worldwide viewers, with the most secure and convenient Virtual Theater system on the web.

And the Audience the opportunity to view each film from the comfort of their home or office or where ever they may feel satisfied to enjoy these great independent films and it won't cost you the extra traveling expense.

Check out a large selection of VOD Indie Films online from the past 12 years from all over the world.

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5148 Peach Street #340 - Erie, Pennsylvania - 16509 - United States

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