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Scottsdale, Arizona - 85260 - United States

Once upon a time it was equipment that separated the pros from the masses.

Today, it's down to knowledge and attitude.

Nobody wants to work with someone who doesn't exhibit the kind of confidence and enjoyment that comes from doing a job you know how to do and that you enjoy.

When the set is humming, its fun. And experience and competency are what makes sets hum.

Demo Reel:
Bill Davis Demo Reel
Bill Davis Demo Reel... more

Turn key video producer from script to delivery.
Major corporate clients
300+ videos delivered
500+ pro voiceovers recorded
EducationMostly the school of hard knocks.
10 years as a Contributing Editor and Seminar Lecturer for Videomaker Magazine
SpecialitySolving problems in the field, in the edit suite, and in meetings before and after production begins.
Hardware ProficiencyAudio since my on-air radio days.
Video since BetaSP ruled the world
Macs since 1984
DSLR since since 2009
Software ProficiencyFCP since 1999
plus so many programs that I'm always SHOCKED when I run Tidy Up and see how many software packages I've bought and used over the years.

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Submitted by on Apr 19, 2011
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Scottsdale, Arizona - 85260 - United States

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