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Xeneuxe Web Video Production

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Mayajuez, Puerto Rico

I’m Luis Oscar Maymí, curently economic student in the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez. I’m a dedicate and passionate person, always willing to learn something new that can help me grow. I can be a little ambitious when is time to work and I do not know how to stop unless I finish my projects. I can be a little spontaneous in some proyects, but usually I design a plan in advance to be use as a guide and to know beforehand the goals I want to accomplish. I have my own business, Xeneuxe, in which we offer services in Internet marketing, video production and among other things. As a business owner I strongly believe in my team members and I’m always open to work together so we can all get to the finish line. I do not tolerate lazy people because I believe in the potential everyone have and does productive and hard working people are the ones I like to be with. I expect great results from everyone because each have something to share with the world.

In general I’m a passionate working person that likes to get to an establish goal no matter what the circumstances are. Personally I like listening to people stories, I have basic knowledge in martial arts (Aikido), I have excellent health and I’m open to learn new things that will make me better than I was yesterday.

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Xeneuxe Services Promo
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Experience* Producer at Juracan TV, weather forecast in the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez. Student chapter Meteorology Society of Puerto Rico.
* Many freelance productions (birthdays, special events, etc)
* Extended knowledge in professional video editing programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro and Final Cut Pro.(mostly Premiere)
* Knowledge of special programs and audio editing such as Adobe After Effects and Cubase.
* Knowledge in motion graphics designs, 3D Modeling and internet marketing
* Social Media Marketing Expert
Education* Two cinema classes in University Of Puerto Rico Mayagüez
* Acting classes University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez
SpecialityVideo Editing
Audio Editing
Basic 3D Modeling
Video Productions
Script Writing
Internet Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Hardware ProficiencySony HDR AX2000
Software ProficiencyAdobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Encore
Adobe Media Encoder
Cubase LE 4
Google SketchUp
Sony Vegas Pro

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Submitted by on Jun 18, 2011
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Mayajuez, Puerto Rico

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