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3900 North 1st Street suite #14 - Abilene, Texas - 79603 - United States

Towerscope Films™ is an independently owned filmmaking/video and studio of photography. Offering live event recording, scripting short film stories, documentaries and music videos, and providing customized editing and transfer services.

For the aspiring artist who wishes to keep control of his or her concepts, Towerscope Films™ is eager to listen and work closely with a client’s ideas. Customizing, is filmmaker Jonny Cates’s main goal.

Employing standard or full 1920 x 1080p, HD-Video Format, Towerscope can provide custom shooting and editing on any project, no matter what size. A consultation will allow us to gain as much control, using pre-visualization to a completed project.

Additional advanced photographic skills are available in several areas including; studio portraiture, bridal portraits, families, children, dance, ballet, wedding, corporate, schools, web design, and restoration/transfer services.
Experience✦ “France 1922” - short film
A short film of actor Stan Wilson wishing actor Robin Williams a happy 60th birthday.
Shown in San Francisco.

✦ “A Tribute to acting teacher Robert Williams” slide show edit for The Juilliard School - presentation in New York City

✦ “Erinshire Musical Festival I and II”
A live folk musical festival, Buffalo Gap, Texas with bit of an Irish flavor.

✦“Long John Hunter” Blues Artist
(3) Album Covers
Alligator Records - Chicago

✦“Garageband Woodstock I, II, and III”
Classic Rock & Roll music show held at the West Texas Fairgrounds - commemorating all the 60‘s and 70’s era bands. Abilene

✦ “Phantom by the Roadside” a short film of an encounter with a woman from the past, along a deserted highway. Towerscope Films™

✦ TV Commercial for
Steve Hall Jewelers, Abilene

✦ TV Commercial for VIP Sports Getaway, Inc.
Dallas, Texas.

✦ Gavins Garden Book Design
Patty Stowbridge Gough - Author

✦ Produced a DVD show of renown Hollywood costume designer, Warden Neil.

Mostly self taught, but have attended fast start schools and seminars taught by many notable professionals around the country. Worked as a darkroom man and photojournalist back in the 70's. Worked as a cameraman at KRBC TV in the mid 80's. Owned and operated a classic portrait style studio and did large format product photography. Have experience in graphic arts and brochure general layout. Was trained as an IT operator at the Computer Science Lab extension unit from Texas Tech University.
Have written, photographed, and edited a local TV commercial. Have completed a screenplay and wish to produce it someday.
Have interest in screenplay development in fiction, and producing documentary style films. Have recorded live music events and music videos. Have photographed album covers for Alligator Records in Chicago, with performer Long John Hunter.
EducationFast start schools and seminars taught by many notable professionals around the country. Finished high school in 1973.
Was headed for Brooks Institute out of High School, but got offered a local job at a newspaper. Went straight into newspaper photography and eventually large format. Have shot and edited much super 8 and 16mm in the past.
Was trained as an IT operator at the Abilene, Texas Computer Science Lab extension unit -Texas Tech University.
SpecialityClassic portraiture, understanding film exposure and graphic art. Wedding photography. Children's portraits.
Final Cut Pro editor.
Recording live music events.
Have shot a local TV commercial, but wanting more creative work depending on the client and product.
Can operate a Polycom System.
Hardware ProficiencyMac OSX , Windows Vista, XP, Canon Video Cameras, Nikon, Sinar, Hasselblad, Bronica, Canon DSLR
Software ProficiencyMac OS X, Final Cut Pro 6, Photoshop, Camtasia.

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3900 North 1st Street suite #14 - Abilene, Texas - 79603 - United States

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