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3 Cross St - Sydney, New South Wales - 2773 - Australia

The Reelists make online short films that share the story of your venture. Why video online? Because no matter how good your marketing is if you offer a service nobody is going to buy off you until they know and trust you. Online video has you introducing yourself to your target audience 24x7. This means that the people contacting you already know, trust and are ready to buy from you. Skeptical? In an August 2010 study Comscore found that website viewers that watched a video were 64% more likely to purchase, than site visitors that did not. The Reelists Online Video Works.
ExperienceHaving been engaged in video and media production since the tender age of 14 i've been engaged with digital media and the moving image for over two-decades. During this time I’ve formed, managed and directed diverse projects including independent film projects, art collectives and facilities, live events and have been a consultant for various cultural and corporate initiatives.

My primary role now is as Director of the ‘The Reelists‘, a online video production company sharing the opportunity of film online to creative and business enterprises alike. Through telling the story behind enterprises simply and authentically we engage new customers and find new audiences.

I believe that by leveraging the modern, without losing the plot, the internet can provide unprecedented opportunity for the moving image.
EducationMA AFTRS, Sydney (current)
Cert IV Film & TV Prod, Nth SYd TAFE
Cert IV Web Development, TAFE
Documentary Traineeship
Specialityproduction, business video, video production, business video, corporate video, documentary, digital marketing, digital video, film production, film shoots, marketing video, production company, video and film production, video on the web, web video, website video, online video, videographer, videography, youtube
Software ProficiencyAdobe Premiere Cs5.5, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, CSS/XHTML

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3 Cross St - Sydney, New South Wales - 2773 - Australia

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