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As mentioned before, award winning CD and commercial maker. Top notch guitarist, with several endorsement from well know organizations, multi instrumentalist, experienced musician and known for great musicianship and for knowing when to play and when not to. Great multi stylist, and able to join in on any band at the last minute and make thing work since I have great musicianship, perfect pitch and great relative pitch. Also an expert at theory and harmony, and have other qualities that help make me a special musician, engineer, producer, and writer.
ExperienceFor over 20 years I've been a Pro Tools and recording expert. I am also a Certified Pro Tools Instructor. I've been invited to join the Jerry Garcia Band as a guitarist after he sadly passed. I've also played with dozens of legendary musicians from jazz to R&R. I specialize in Pro Tools recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and soundtrack production as well as being a composer. I have made soundtracks for Hollywood movies, and have several award winning CDs as well. We also own a publishing company and have people right now on the top 4 in England and the top 12 in the US. We're a small company but we take pride i helping new publishing artists get familiar with getting the best education and help with copyrights and publishing. I also own a non-profit school of music technology. As a non-profit school we can provide services for a much lower rate than the other schools out there that charge 20-30K per semester. We also mentor our students to help them stay motivated and being self starters. We have Grammy Award winning teachers and other of the same stature. We just are in need of some equipment for our school, and we're looking for a couple of Intel Mac Laptops and One Intel Mac Desktop that is a multiprocessor. These are the things that our company is into.
EducationBachelors in management from SDSU
Masters in Recording Technology and professor at several colleges in the SF Bay Area
First and only person to initiate a Pro Tools certification program at Foothill College in Los Altos, CA
Award winning commercial composer and engineer for AT&T cable
Award winning musician (scholarship winner) from Ohlone College
Hollywood movie soundtrack writer and recorder for "Full Clip" a Lions Gate Entertainment. 2003
Successful publisher with BMI with artists who have hit the top 10 and above on major charts in Europe and the US
CEO of non-profit corporation "The Royal Academy of Sherwood Forest School of Music Technology
Leader of "All Star" Band, The SF Roadsaters with Grammy Award winning vocalist from Santana and another vocalist who has worked with Quincy Jones, John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, and many jazz greats. The rest of the band has similar backgrounds.
SpecialityPro Tools, composing, film scores, mentoring and teaching of pro tools, Endorsed and guitar specialist who can play all styles and specializes in three part counterpoint music on guitar like ragtime combined with a Chet Atkins style which makes one guitar sound like three. Top notch publisher, and teacher. 40 plus years experience as a guitarist and multi instrumentalist, and successful film scorer. To notch editor and mixer and mastering engineer. Perfect pitch, and great relative pitch. Has allowed me to be able to jump into any band at the last minute and fit right in. Also a great "pocket" player and have many musicians who are all top notch people in the business, and have a huge network of musicians who are all ready at any time to follow me into any project that I have.
Hardware ProficiencyPro Tools HD, Tube gear, TTY patch bays, Control 24 surface, All sorts of recording gear, sequencing software, Plug-ins, outboard mastering gear, Jam, Computer technology,
Software ProficiencyPro Tools HD and LE, Jam, All accompanying software for Pro Tools, other DAEs, advanced software techniques having to do with Pro Tools, Word, Internet technology, OS knowledge, midi/USB sequencing software.

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Submitted by on Jul 20, 2011
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251 W. Capitol Ave. - Milpitas, California - 95035 - United States

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